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The Instagram Stars of Bootle

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We’re back for another addition of The Top Ten Instagram accounts in your area.

Last time we shouted from the roof about some of the best profiles from independent businesses across Waterloo & Crosby, from barber shops who showcase their work with stunning, artistic photography to chicken restaurants which demonstrate consistent, engaging branding.

This time we’re venturing down the road to Bootle, Liverpool, exploring the local businesses who are becoming social media superstars on Instagram by creating engaging content, sharing fabulous photography, exposing their brand and growing their online following.

This was a difficult list to compile as there are so many businesses absolutely smashing it but we’ve spent a lot of time looking into each one so let’s dive straight in to number 10.

10) Courtney Leah Hair

Business Name: Courtney Leah Hair
Instagram Handle: courtneyleahhairx
Industry: Beauty
Location: 8 Litherland Road, Bootle, L20 8BZ

We start our top ten with Courtney Leah Hair. According to her Instagram bio she’s a stylist, colour specialist, bridal hair stylist and also does transformations!

Courtney Leah Hair is using her platform to generate bookings through her DM’s which is a great, cost-effective strategy for independent businesses to get their calendars filled.

The thing that is most eye-catching about her profile however, is her logo. It really highlights her brand, colour scheme and what she does which is then reflected across the rest of her profile.

Courtney Leah Hair Bootle Instagram Profile

9) Perfect By Paige

Business Name: Perfect By Paige
Instagram Handle: perfectbypaige
Industry: Beauty
Location: 41 Hawthorne Road, Bootle, L20 2DQ

Perfect By Paige is a small independent businesses focusing on lashes, brows, hair, makeup, nails & aesthetics. They also recently moved into their new premises a few weeks ago (congratulations)!

On top of posting a lot of client pictures, she also uses the story feature to engage with her followers, giving them updates, behind the scenes content & a way to re-share posts.

Stories are on track to take over Instagram newsfeed for time on screen and engagement with Instagram recently rolling out a test of a full screen story option for users.

Watch this space, as we are sure Instagram will be making changes to the platform over the next few months to further promote stories.

Take a note out of Paige’s book and start using stories more and more.

Perfect By Paige Bootle Instagram Profile

8) L20 Restaurant

Business Name: L20 Restaurant
Instagram Handle: l20restaurant
Industry: Food & Hospitality
Location: Exeter Road, Bootle, L20 7EW

Described as one of Liverpool’s best kept secrets. Well, not to its accounts 2700+ Instagram followers who scroll through their newsfeed and drool at their delicious dishes.

The restaurant is run by Hugh Baird College and is educating and training some of the city’s future superstar chefs.

One of our favourite features that L20 Restaurants Instagram page is the Chef takeover series which can be found within their highlights. 

It shows high-profile chefs coming into the restaurant, educating the students and creating unbelievable dishes.

L20 Bootle Instagram Profile

7) Attitude Dance

Business Name: Attitude Dance
Instagram Handle: attitudedance
Industry: Dance & Performing
Location: 3A Aintree Road, Bootle, L20 9DL

Attitude Dance is owned by former X Factor finalist David Heath.

His school has become one of the most popular studios for dance, drama and fitness across Liverpool. With the school’s services loved by children and parents alike.

Their Instagram channel has a loyal following with am impressive 2.8k followers. However, the thing we like the most about their page is the use of video.

The arts is a very visual sector, and Attitude Dance do a fantastic job of bringing it to life through their videos, highlighting their students’ choreography, talent, passion and skill.

Attitude Dance Bootle Instagram News Feed

6) Asylum Fitness

Business Name: Asylum Fitness
Instagram Handle: asylumfitness
Industry: Fitness & Training
Location: Unit A, 75 Strand Road, Bootle, L20 4BB

At number 6, we introduce you to Asylum Fitness.

If you know Blaze Media, one thing that we are passionate and serious about is branding. We often talk about the importance a brand has on businesses. The age old saying ‘businesses don’t last, brands do’.

Well, local business Asylum Fitness has embedded this into their social media strategy. It’s one of the most eye-catching and consistent use of branding across an Instagram page we have seen from a small business.

However, it doesn’t just stop there.

When they’re posting videos and images, look at how they have their premises decorated… it matches their online branding!

The whole feel of the brand makes them instantly recognizable on your newsfeed due to the consistency of the colours, wording, and style of posts.

Their logo is pretty awesome too – well done guys!

5) Longton Hall Fruit & Veg / Longton Hall Farm

Business Name: Longton Hall Fruit & Veg / Longton Hall Farm
Instagram Handle: longton_hall_fruit_and_veg & longtonhallfarm
Industry: Fruit & Butchers
Location: 151/152 Mariners Way, The Strand Shopping Centre, Bootle, L20 4SY.

We’re into the top five and we are now introducing you too Longton Hall.  Now they’re not cheating, but they have two well established Instagram pages to highlight to areas of their businesses. Their award winning butchers and also their fruit and veg store.

Let’s start with Longton Hall Farm – the butchers. One thing that catches our eye with their Instagram is Dean.

Many businesses owners don’t like putting themselves on camera to talk but Dean has made an effort to talk to his audiences on his page, explaining to his followers what going on in his business.

Now onto the Fruit and Veg page. Our favourite part of this pages is the visuals when you scroll down.

What is one thing fruit and vegetables known for? Colours.

As you scroll down Longton Hall Fruit & Veg its an aesthetically pleasing treat for your eyes.

4) Harrison Hair Studio

Business Name:  Harrison Hair Studio
Instagram Handle: hhsliverpool
Industry: Hair & Beauty
Location: Unit 1, Stella Nova Building, Washington Parade, Bootle, L20 4TZ

One of the highest rated salon’s in Liverpool comes in at number 4. Introducing you Harrison Hair Studio.

Harrison’s do everything right when it comes to their social media. They’re consistent, on brand and show content their followers want to see; showing off before and afters, testimonials, staff pictures and more.

You really feel like you have spent the day at the studioafter scrolling through their profile. Our favourite feature is the code they utilise.

They take a lot of their bookings through WhatsApp. The code is a HTML code which re-directs someone straight to WhatsApp and to message Harrison’s Hair Studio to make a booking.

Super smart and super cool!

Harrison Hair Studio Bootle Instagram Profile, Story Highlights & Newsfeed

3) Sweatbox Gym Liverpool

Business Name: Sweatbox Gym Liverpool
Instagram Handle: sweatboxgymliverpool
Industry: Fitness & Training
Location: 67 Brasenose Road, Bootle, L20 8HE

Taking the bronze medal in our list goes to Sweatbox Gym.

The gym is a private personal training and group class studio gym based on Brasenose Road and they have acquired a reputation as being one of the top gym’s in the area.

Their private business model is a clear USP compared to many of the big gym chains which are closing many independent gyms with their low-prices structure.

However, Sweatbox Gym are making private training affordable without lacking any quality.

There are two things we really enjoy that Sweatbox gym does on their Instagram page:

Firstly, their before and after shots – they are one of the biggest and most effective ways to prove that your product or service works, even including some big names on their like Jamie Carragher, which also cements their credibility further.

The second thing we love is their omnichannel approach.

If you look at their bio, they highlight one of the most important things to their gym. The personal trainers. Tagging all 7 of them.

Each one of them is promoting their own personal PT services, but also promoting the gym.

If you follow the gym and a few of the PT’s, you are going to consistently see the Sweatbox brand mentioned over and over.

This is powerful.

It puts Sweatbox in front of the mind of each of their followers on Instagram due to the repetition of seeing the name repeatedly.

2) Lyons Estates

Business Name: Lyons Estates
Instagram Handle: lyonsestates
Industry: Estate Agents
Location: 50 Aintree Road, Bootle, L20 9DN

Coming in second is Liverpool’s premier estate agents; Lyons Estates.

Lyons Estates have the biggest Instagram following out of any independent Liverpool based estate agents with a whopping 11.3k followers on their page.

How have they done this? The answer appears very simple. Consistently posting and establishing a brand identity. Doing the simple things right.

What do people who go to an estate agents Instagram most want to see? They want to see high-quality pictures of houses on the market for rent and sale.

Lyons use the carousel function to great effect to highlight these properties. Giving people the option to scroll and flick through the properties.

People tag their friends and family in the comments, letting them know of the latest properties coming onto the market.

This has led Lyons Estates to generate a number of daily leads from Instagram. Not just relying on word of mouth, their websites and 3rd party sites.

1) The Midnight Delivery

Business Name: The Midnight Delivery
Instagram Handle: themidnightdelivery
Industry: Desserts
Location: 57 Orrell Road, Bootle, L20 6DX

And coming in at number one is the mouth-watering and amazing The Midnight Delivery. With multiple locations across Liverpool, including the Baltic Market, and expanding into Manchester.

This really isn’t one of Bootle’s hottest Instagram accounts, but one of the north-west’s hottest accounts. With a stunning 77.5k followers.

They’re that big, they’ve even got their own app!

The feed is just made up of delicious, after delicious, after delicious desserts that they sell. With each post filled with comments.

People tagging their friends, people telling their partners they will have to get it tonight. It’s powerful.

It makes you want to buy from them every time you see it.

They have become an Instagram business power-house, and are using their platform to generate more brand awareness, sales and happy customers eating beautiful desserts.

Midnight Delivery Bootle Instagram Newsfeed

Well done to every business who made it in to our Top 10 for Bootle!

Do you think you could top the list in your local area? If so get in touch and tell what you do and where you are and we’ll get cracking on a top 10 near you. Contact us today!

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