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The Best National Days to Celebrate on Your Socials this August!

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Coming up with content for your social media channels can be a total pain in the bum. You know it mustn’t be all sales, sales, sales but you haven’t got the time to change things up or plan something different.

Joining in with national and international days can provide you with stacks of opportunity to have more fun…or show a more personal side to your business.

Maybe you could showcase a different side to you by sharing a charity that is close to your heart – allowing a little vulnerability in can really make your followers understand more about you and why you do what you do.

Or you could brighten up someone’s day with some fun content based around a day celebrating your favourite food.

Still not sure where to start? Here’s a guide to some of the national days taking place throughout August!

August 1

National Girlfriends Day – not sure when boyfriends get a look in but tell your gal she’s the best – go on, we dare you!

National Friendship Day – your friends will be the ones who get you through the tough times or celebrate the loudest when you hit your goals, give them some kudos!

August 3

National Grab Some Nuts Day – we’ll leave this one to you!

National Night Out Day – this is always celebrated on the first Tuesday in August so why not get out with your team and share some pics…maybe before you hit the shots (and apologise to the boss in advance for poor productively on the first Wednesday of every August)

national night out day in august

August 6

International Beer Day – if you’ve recovered from Tuesday night then how about giving a shout out to a local craft beer producer and help them out!

National Water Balloon Day – perfect content for TikTok and Reels…go on – we dare you!

August 9

National Book Lovers Day – we’ve got some big book fans in our office and we regularly share business books that we love. You could do the same…or get a bit more personal and showcase the latest crime thriller or autobiography that you can’t put down.  

August 13

International Left Handers Day – get all the righties to write something with their left hand and share the results…or showcase the awesome lefties in your office!

National Blame Someone Else Day – probably don’t want to share this online but it’s a good excuse to get rid of that manky mug in the cupboard!

August 15

National Relaxation Day – get someone in to give your team a head massage and share it. Share your top tips to wind down after a busy day in your office…loads to choose from here and definitely taps into the well-being trend.

August 16

National Tell a Joke Day – Did we tell you the one about the marketing company who thought they were funny? Share your best one liners or worst Dad jokes – or ask your followers to share theirs and add them to your stories!

August 19

World Photography Day – share work from your favourite photographer, or some artwork you have at home or even a picture you’ve taken (or your kids) that means a lot to you or sums up what your business is about!

August 26

National Women’s Equality Day – don’t just pay lip service to important days and movements. Only support them if you truly mean it and it’s reflected in your company ethos. People can see through half-hearted messaging that’s done just for likes. So, if this is big for you then go big…otherwise just leave it!

August 28

National Bow Tie Day – if you’re of a certain age you’ll remember Frank Butcher from EastEnders (Google it) you don’t need to go that far but you can get all dressed up, get your pets all dressed up if you have a bow tie fan in the office then show off their collection.

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