Online Booking System

Buying services and booking appointments

Buying services and booking appointments has become as simple as clicking a few buttons and receiving a confirmation email.

We have already implemented booking systems for medical and salon businesses. Is it time for your booking system to become easier?

Taking Bookings for your services can be a full-time job in its self. People communicate with businesses through lots of different platforms now and they want to be able to book 24/7.

woman holding a calender thinking about online booking system
a girl crossed legged ordering on her phone using online booking system

Implementing a user friendly online scheduling system

Implementing a user-friendly online scheduling system can help you and your staff be more efficient as they aren’t fielding calls and messages from 10 different people on 5 different platforms! Allowing you more time to provide the great customer service that you really want to give.

Booking online can help people who may not like talking on the phone or don’t have time to call up. With an online booking system, your calendar can be accessed at any time of the day. You can receive a booking after your opening hours and not worry about receiving phone calls while you are home.

An online booking system will store all your bookings in a simple calendar so you can see what bookings you have coming up next. At Blaze we can sort all the creative side of the booking system from designing the colours, adding your services, adding your staff, assigning them to their services, setting up your webpage, and sort out the email side of the booking system.