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Want to advertise your business to people already interested in your industry? Why wouldn’t you! These people are the ones who’ll help you reach your goals the quickest. As a certified Facebook Marketing Partner, we can target these people for you…consistently, reliably, and creatively!

Why You Should Use Facebook's Advertising Services

Zuckerberg and his team at Meta have millions of touchpoints on the billions of users that Facebook and Instagram have monthly. We can use these touchpoints to run Meta adverts and get your business in front of your dream customers based on your audience’s behaviours and interests.

For example, let’s say you sell gym equipment, we could create an advert and target people specifically interested in things like ‘healthy living’ or ‘Gymshark’ to have your advert put right in front of them.

You’re now able to get people, who are interested in your industry, more familiar with your brand and lead them onto your website to potentially become a lead or a sale.

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Signs Of a Good Meta Ads Company

There are two things that you should look for when choosing an agency to manage your Meta ads: creativity and research skills.

Creativity is essential when it comes to Meta advertising. Unlike TikTok advertising, where it’s better for the ads to appear more organic, Facebook Ads are like the modern-day version of newspaper ads.

You want to create “scroll-stopping Facebook ads” to stop people bouncing around social media. This is why we have outstanding in-house graphic designers.

On top of that, our team will research into what your dream customers’ biggest pain points are. We will use these pain points in our ad copy to drill into your customers and make them want to click through to your website.

The creative stops the scroll, the ad copy gets them onto your website, and the website gets the sale.

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Why Hire Blaze Media As Your Facebook Advertising Agency?

When you hire Blaze Media as your paid social marketing agency, you’re hiring a proven team of talented people actually invested in what you do.

We want you to succeed. We thrive on it! Our paid social experts will dissect everything there is to know about your business and always be there to answer questions you have about how we can improve together.

So, if what you need is an experienced Meta Ad agency then get in touch with us now to get started!

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Yes. Facebook is the world’s leading social media network and the third most popular website behind Google and YouTube.

Getting your business in front of their audience pool can prove invaluable. As well, their targeting systems let you identify who the most lucrative Facebook users are so that you’re not wasting time and money advertising to people who aren’t going to buy from you.

Facebook Ads work by targeting users based on information that Facebook has on them, including their age, location, and interests.

Then you set your budget for your ads and release them into the wild!

We use Facebook Ads manager to then keep up to date with how your ads are performing and use the data to give you monthly reports on how they’re getting on and how they can improve.

Facebook Ads appear across Facebook and Instagram. They are mainly seen on Facebook’s Newsfeed and Instagram’s Stories.

Facebook Ad performance depends on your product or service.

If you have an impulse purchase product, a single image can be really impactful. But if you have a product or service which needs explaining in more detail then video ads can have the best performance.

It's all about operating with a testing mindset to find what works best for you specifically rather than operating a one size fits all approach.

Facebook Ads get rejected when Facebook believe that one of their policies has been violated. The number one reason for rejection is using personal attributes within ads.

If your ad has been rejected then don’t panic as all accounts can request a manual review where your ads are reviewed by a real person.

Most adverts are reviewed within 24 hours, although in some cases it may take longer.

Here's what our clients have said about us

Proven Track Record

"Track record of results. Highly recommend the team at Blaze Media."

Citrus Electrical

Invaluable Advice

"Blaze have given me and my business invaluable help and advice with social media marketing and ads. Paul and his team are highly recommended!"

Al Mortgage Solutions

Highly Recommended

"Paul takes the time to understand what you want and comes up with helpful and practical suggestions. I highly recommend Blaze Media."

The Silver Consultants

Amazing results

"Within the first week, our website traffic increased by 17% and our overall SEO rankings shot up 32%."


Expert Knowledge

"Paul and his team at Blaze Media are very approachable, patient and above all clearly experts in their field."

Fox Information Technology Ltd

Great Communication

"From the brief, to the launch, every step of the way they kept in touch with what they were doing, Couldn't have asked any more of them, and thoroughly recommend them for any work."

Dave Byrom - K Cycles

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge

We will strive to support as many local charities and organisations as possible, donating money from contracts we take on and time from our team to help give back to our local communities.

We will support our team, students and job seekers to unlock and achieve their potential through a range of training initiatives and mentoring programmes.

We will demonstrate an ethical, sustainable and transparent business as we grow and help others to grow.

We will continue to act with the interests of our planet at the front of our mind. Planting trees, limiting car use, promoting alternative travel solutions, recycling, upcycling and encouraging the team to have at least one meat free day a week.

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