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Google Shopping Management

Do you sell products online? If you do, using Google Shopping ads makes visitors to your site more likely to make a purchase. By showing information about your product to an interested user, they’re then more aware of your product, its price, its reviews, etc., and are therefore further along your sales funnel – all before clicking onto your site!

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Paid Search For E-Commerce Businesses

If you have an e-commerce platform, then we have a unique paid search opportunity for you: Google Shopping campaigns.

These campaigns use adverts made up of product information and imagery, as well as any current offers or sales, to give potential customers more knowledge before making a purchase. You can then use this information to give you an advantage and leverage sales to generate a better return on investment.

What’s more is you’ll only be charged when people actually click on your ads. And because these people are more likely to make a purchase, your return on ad spend will be high. Result!

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Campaigns Powered By Detailed Research

We make sure we conduct in-depth research before entering into any campaign, and frequently optimise and analyse your data to give you easy to understand reports.

One of the first big steps is to optimise your product feed so Google understands what you sell. This dictates what people need to search for to be shown your products.

We’ll then look at your competitors and all of the latest trends and compare this information to what your own personal targets are. This way we can run campaigns for you that let you be the pack leader in your industry.

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Blaze Media Google Shopping Examples

Google Shopping is a powerful tool for e-commerce brands. It introduces you to customers who are already searching for what you offer.

For one of our e-commerce clients, Slay My Print, we ran a campaign for them to push their selection of frames. ‘Gold A4 frame’, ‘A2 oak frame’ and the like. Doing this, we managed to generate a return on ad spend of 530%, blowing past the industry standard of 100%.

Not only this, but we really pushed their frame campaign during peak seasonality and managed to boost this number to 700%. So, for every £1 that they spent on ads, they made £8 back.

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Google Shopping Agency

If all this sounds too good to be true then relax because it isn’t! We can take your e-commerce business to the next level and bring you streams of warm leads with a high chance of making a purchase.

Wave goodbye to the days of low conversion rates, and get in touch with us at Blaze Media now!

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If you want your business to be one of the first that shows up when a customer searches for something that you sell, then definitely.

It means that people visiting your site through a Shopping ad are more qualified leads than completely cold ones.

Google does offer 'Google Free Listings' where they show a small number of products for free. These may drive some traffic but this is to a small level and is not scalable, and the paid listings still appear above the free listings.

The best and most effective Google Shopping ads work off a pay-per-click basis, where you only pay when somebody clicks on the advert.

Google Shopping works by pulling product data from a website when a user searches with intent to find a product.

Sellers and e-commerce businesses can keep Google up to date with their latest product information, such as price and offers, so that Google can display accurate product information to interested sellers.

Google Shopping ads show up right at the top of Google when a user searches for a product. They’re easily identified by their distinct visual format, product images, and the ‘Shop’ title.

You can improve your Google Shopping ads in a number of ways.

For example, improving the information in your feed that you provide to Google can help your ads show up more reliably when your product matches a searcher’s intent.

Or, you can divide your campaign out into segments such as price or brand to also improve their performance.

Within campaign’s settings, and when initially creating a campaign, you can choose to enter the location that you want to advertise in.

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