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Free Google Ads Health Check

Could Your Business Benefit from a Free Google Ads Health Check?

Whether you’re new to Google Ads or an experienced user, how can you be sure you’re getting the most from your campaigns?
Using Google Ads is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your landing pages as well as generating more leads and sales.

Google Display Ads Are Seen By 90% Of All Internet Users

Did you know that Google Display Ads are seen by 90% of all internet users and, given the fact that Google owns around 75% of Search Market Share, it makes total sense to spend the majority of your marketing budget on Google Ads.

In 2019, Google made $116billion from advertising revenue; so if you’re contributing to that figure you need to know that you’re getting the best return on your investment.

FREE 14 Points Google Ads Health Check

We want to help you get your business back on track so we’re offering businesses a FREE 14 points Google Ads health check up until the end of September.

Our PPC experts will review and report back with valuable, actionable ideas to help you get more for your money.
Did we mention it’s FREE?

14 Steps To Good Health

1. Check Your Overall Account Settings 

We will scan your overall account settings to ensure there are no clear warning signs you have missed. We will also explore auto-play settings turned on by Google and give recommendations on enabling or disabling these features. 

2. Get Your Conversion Tracking In Order

Running a Google ads campaign without conversion tracking is like driving with a blindfold. It’s doomed for failure and disruption. In Google ads – this usually relates to wasted money. At stage 2 we will check if you have conversion tracking and, if you do, is it working. We’ll also look at conversion settings and how to optimize your campaign using effective tracking.

3. Choose The Best Bid Strategy

For many people, the bid strategies can be a confusing process. Especially with the amount of pressure Google’s system puts on people to use smart bidding. At Blaze Media, we are not opposed to using smart bidding, however there is a time and a place. We will give recommendations on how to use different bidding strategies in relation to your individual campaigns. 

4. Check Your Network Performance (Search, Partners & Display) 

Here we take a good look at your network performance. Did you know your ads are potentially also appearing on other sites like eBay, Yahoo and more? This isn’t particularly a bad thing, but we should be comparing how your ads are performing on these other sites. We will also see if you’re combining search and display ads and make recommendations based on your campaign settings.

5. Optimise Your Location Targeting

Are your ads being shown to the right people in the right locations? It’s always a big concern to any Google ads account; hitting the wrong audience can very often be wasted money. We will also explore your campaign’s location report to discover any important data at country, city & postcode levels. 

6. Look At Your Search Term Report 

What exactly are people searching for when they find your ads and click on them? You might be wasting tons of money on high-funnel or irrelevant search terms. However, you might also find some hidden keywords that bring in lots of good quality traffic to your campaign. These are the type of keywords that you might consider adding to your campaign.

7. Add And Remove Keywords

The next step is to analyse your current keywords, highlight keywords that drive conversions and also pointing out keywords that have a high cost per conversion. We will look at your keyword match types and make recommendations as well as suggesting changed to the match types if they are not getting a relevant amount of impressions.  

8. Exploring Negative Keywords

Did you know that using negative keywords can help with your leads? We will look at ways to capture irrelevant and costly keywords which can affect your campaign. It’s one of the best ways to save money within a campaign. We will share Blaze Media’s tips on the best ways to find relevant irrelevant keywords that you can use as negative keywords in your campaigns.

9. Proactively Check For Broken Landing Page URLs

Do you know what happens if your landing page URL breaks but your ads are still running? You get charged for sending traffic to a 404 page. We will give tips on how to mitigate that risk whilst also checking your potential customers search terms are going to relevant pages. Additionally, we’ll check what you can do to improve your quality score – which in return lowers your average cost-per-click.

10. Review And Update Your Landing Page

You can run a great Google ads campaign with great keywords and fantastic ads. However, if that traffic is landing on an irrelevant or poor landing page – this will be a massive problem. We can give you some hints and tips on how to improve your landing page and, most importantly, improving your potential customers experience. 

11. Look At Your Demographic Targeting Data 

Analysing different demographics data can be a fantastic way of identifying where you make and where you lose money. We can help you work out the best demographics for your business in order to invest more money in that direction and also advise which areas you can get rid of. Part of this process also analyses opportunities to make your ad copy work better for the different demographics. 

12. Add And Exclude Audiencesport 

Google’s data base is filled with a range of in-market and affinity audiences. Some of these specific audiences will have large impacts on your Google ads campaign’s success or failure. We will highlight some key observations which are relevant to your industry. By looking at these audiences and collecting data on them you can make informed decisions such as increasing bids, decreasing bids and excluding Sectors based on real results. 

13. Review And Improve Your Ads

At Blaze Media we hear the same thing time and time again – your ads have been seen thousands and thousands of times, and in the first line there is a spelling error. We will go through and check for basic grammar and spelling and make suggestions on best practices for your ads copy. Additionally, we will look at the type of ads you’re running and encourage you to launch A/B tests within your AdGroups. One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your click through rate (CTR%). 

14. Review And Improve Your Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are a proven way to increase your CTR. We will suggest what we think are the best and most effective extensions to go on your ads. Ad extensions make your ads bigger, more unique and allows you to add those tiny details you can’t fit into 30 characters. 

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