Brand Identity

Defining Your Companies Image

Branding is the art of creating an instantly identifiable aesthetic, which invokes an emotional response. Companies build long-lasting impressions using an array of design techniques and strategic marketing campaigns. Many people believe logos are the main focus of a companies identity, but this is not true. The logo is just one element in your overall brand identity.

More Than A Symbolic Image

Initially used by farmers to mark their stock, branding has become much more than just logos. Company branding is a way for businesses to stand out from the competition. Thousands of companies are struggling for the same customer groups, so setting yourself apart is crucial. 

Branding is a tool which can instantly convey a message to potential customers. The reputation of a company translates to its branding, allowing businesses to create a relationship with the general public.

Brand development is a difficult task which takes years of marketing. It allows companies to grow into enormous corporations. Apple, Bentley and McDonalds have all developed their identity to convey a particular message.

Creating a Logo is not the end of your brand development. We use design principles and colour theory to develop long-lasting brand identities.

orange can used for brand idenity

Developing Public Opinion

Building a good brand needs planning and a clear focus on how your products and services should be perceived. Clarifying your companies goals and ethics is necessary for developing a consistent message and a strong brand. Writing a mission statement is a perfect way to focus on the goals of your business. 

We can help you summaries what your company does. Mission statements are a clear description of a companies goals which can also focus on ethics and moral obligations. If the mission statement is clear and consistent within a company, then the rest of their design material becomes clear too.

An example of a good mission statement is John Lewis. They insist on quality products and terrific customer service.

Apples mission statement “to bringing the best user experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software, and services” is a perfect example of synergy between the companies goals and their identity. 

  • Minimal design layout emphasises user experience
  • Their bold, san-serif font looks confident and contemporary. 
  • Icons are minimal and easy to understand. 

Targeted Branding

Both these companies are providing technology, but they have chosen to sell to two different customer bases. They have branded their company to cater to their target audience.

Consistency Of Your Design Material

Creating a Logo is not the end of your brand development. We have years of experience in graphic design, we use sound Graphical design principles and colour theory to develop brand identities. We will ensure your identity reflects your values as a business. It will increase your credibility in the marketplace and generate customer engagement. 

We can help you develop print material and digital marketing to elevate your company. We will create guidelines which will become a blueprint for your companies aesthetic. Referencing brand guidelines when producing graphic design material for your company, guarantees consistency. 

Guidelines also allow for quick turnaround of promotional material. Thes means a brand manager can focus on jobs such as branding strategies and social media marketing.

 We can also create:

  • Business Cards
  • Letter Heads
  • PDFs
  • Social Media Templates

Designing Your Logo

The logo is an essential component of any project. Your logo is essentially the face of your company. It should be instantly memorable and unique while communicating the overall message of your company.

Identity design gives a baseline for the rest of the companies branding. Producing a strong logo using the correct design practices is critical to the durability of your company. Creating a brand identity that can expand while maintaining clarity is vital to a successful campaign.