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Top 10 Social Media Stars in Liverpool City Centre!

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Liverpool City Centre is full of wonderful and fantastic independent businesses! With the use of social media, they can produce amazing content to show off their products and services to their followers.

At Blaze Media, we love sharing local businesses and today we have the pleasure of bringing you our Top 10 Social Media Stars for Liverpool City Centre!

10) Blinky Boolashes

Instagram Handle: @Blinkyboolashes

Industry: Beauty

Location: Waterloo Road

Blinkyboo Lashes are based in the heart of the City Centre and design luxury 3D handcrafted eyelashes that are shipped internationally. They have worked with the likes of Gemma Collins and Tanya Bardsley, of The Real Housewives of Cheshire fame.

Their Instagram is full of client pictures broken up with images in a pink theme that captures the brand seamlessly. The captions speak perfectly to their audience with content that is relatable. User generated content brings another dimension to showing off their products.

They also demonstrate the perfect use of stories with behind the scenes, tutorials, ‘as seen on’, and clips of past campaigns.

9) Bing House

Instagram Handle: @Binghouse_uk

Industry: Food

Location: 10 Hardman Street, Liverpool, L1 9AX

Bing House is located on Hardman St and serves delicious looking Chinese street food. The food is inspired by the traditional Chinese street food, ‘Jian Bing’.

Their page is a foodie’s dream, with perfectly placed food set on a black background that enhances its vivid colours. They also treat their followers to well-edited behind the scenes videos of how their food is made to create an excitement around the ordering of their food.

Check out their stories to find some useful information that you may need when deciding to order from their restaurant.

8) GPO Food Hall & Bar

Instagram Handle: @gpoliverpool

Industry: Food

Location: The GPO, Metquarter, 35 Whitechapel, Liverpool, L1 6DA

GPO Liverpool is Liverpool’s largest food hall & bar that serves over 400 dishes from 11 independent kitchens. Based in the Met Quarter, the food served is inspired by cuisines from all over the world, including Japan, Texas and everywhere in between!

Their Instagram page is full to the brim with fantastic imagery of the range of food that can be found at their food hall, with user generated content to give potential customers an authentic look at what they would experience if they decide to take a trip to their establishment.

The use of retro branding in their Story highlights gives the impression of a long-running establishment and inspires a sense of professionalism that any of their customers can expect from their high-end food hall and bar.

7) Fishlocks Florists

Instagram Handle: @fishlocksflorists

Industry: Florists

Location: 95-113 Great Howard Street, Liverpool, L3 7AT

Fishlocks Flowers is a florist based in the City Centre that offers luxury bespoke floral bouquets, wedding flowers and event décor. Fishlocks is one of Merseyside’s most popular and trusted flower shops and has been around for over 130 years.

Their feed is filled with aesthetically pleasing posts of flowers and close up videos of their bouquets. The account also lets their audience see behind the scenes with posts about events and weddings they have decorated in the past, with Story highlights being utilised perfectly to show potential clients their previous work organised by event.

6) MerseyMade

Instagram Handle: @Merseymadeuk

Industry: Craft

Location: Unit 2, Chancery House, 98 Paradise Street, Liverpool, L1 3HJ

MerseyMade is a shop, studio, and café that is based on Paradise Street. They sell handmade gifts with the aim of easily providing local creatives and artists the chance to showcase and sell their work locally.

The feed perfectly represents their ethos which is “the coming together of creative entrepreneurs in a stimulating, supportive and positive environment, in the heart of the city centre”, and is filled with diverse posts about products that are locally made by local artists. The brand is subtle and works to really highlight the products in the posts.

They constantly shout out local artists on their stories to further help bring their message across to their followers.

5) Wongs Jewellers

Instagram Handle: @Wongsjewellers

Industry: Jewellers

Location: Chicago Buildings, Whitechapel, Stanley Street, Liverpool, L1 6DS

Wongs Jewellers have been in Liverpool since 1979. Starting from a Goldsmith apprenticeship to becoming one of the best-known jewellers in town. Now that’s quite a story!

Their feed celebrates their customers lives, from weddings proposals to wedding days. Pastel colours are used and work well with the products that are on display and create excellent branding.

There is also a big focus on their staff which represents them as more of a family who are ready to help make someone’s special day magical.

4) Barefaced Fitness

Instagram Handle: @barefacedfitness

Industry: Fitness

Location: 3-5 Trueman Street, Liverpool, L3 2BA

Barefaced Fitness is a personal training business ran by Kim who is there to help millennial women go from casual gym-goer to healthy, strong and powerful as she puts it bold and proudly on her profile. She offers online and in-person training to push women to the next level in their fitness.

Kim’s profile is full of fantastic health and fitness tips and motivational posts that will keep her followers going between gym sessions. The constant flow of content is great to see as it shows Kim is passionate to get women into the gym.

She also breaks up her personal training posts with relatable stories and memes to show it’s not all about business which is great for engagement!

3) Christakis

Instagram Handle: @christakis_liverpool

Industry: Food

Location: 136-138 Duke St, Liverpool L1 5BB

Christakis is a restaurant on Duke Street serving the best-looking Greek food. This is not just a restaurant, it’s also a place to party and dance!

During the week this is your more standard restaurant, serving fantastic Greek and Mediterranean food. But by the weekend there’s a fab party atmosphere with Greek dancers, belly dancers and DJs working til late.

Christakis’ feed represents their full party and restaurant vibe with posts showing anything from fantastic looking food to videos of people dancing. Their food posts are aesthetically pleasing with close ups and high angle shots to add some professionalism to the posts.

Like Barefaced Fitness, Christakis also use more personal posts between their restaurant posts to give their profile a more personal touch.

2) Voodou

Instagram Handle: @Voodouliverpool

Industry: Hair

Location: 98 Bold St, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 4HY

Voodou is an award-winning hairdressers located on Bold Street. They produce fantastic and colourful haircuts that can make anyone stand out in a crowd. They also offer male haircuts, hair dyes, and beard trims on the first floor of the property. Their reviews are outstanding and show that they offer great customer service.

Vooodou’s feed perfectly illustrates their brand identity of standing out from the crowd with posts of people’s colourful haircuts. Their feed is definitely something you’ll recognise when you are scrolling through Instagram.

Their massive list of highlight reels shows everything you need to know to see what the business is like, from reviews to behind the scenes, and even salon pets! Voodou are proud of who they are and it shows.

1) Hope Street Bodycasting Studio

Instagram Handle: @Hopestcastingstudio

Industry: Art

Location: 15 Hope St, Liverpool L1 9BQ

Hope Street Bodycasting Studio is a studio based on Hope Street that creates everlasting memories of families, couples and friends to show the bond that they have between each other. They also offer baby casting that captures your baby’s first moments so that you can keep them forever.

Their feed perfectly reflects their business with posts of families and friends creating timeless moments with the casting moulds. Every post creates a story that pulls you in as if you are personally connected and invested in them.

Even more personal posts are added into the mix to show the face behind the business which adds to the personal feel that the profile offers.

This list was very difficult to make as there are so many fantastic businesses in Liverpool’s City Centre. We are so proud of our city and all the businesses that live and thrive here!

What area should we cover next? Get in touch to let us know!

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