About Us

How We Work

Our team have spent years between us working around the UK and the rest of the world. We have brought everything we have learnt back to run our Liverpool based agency! All our Strategy, design, development and Website Optimisation is done in house from our base in Crosby, Liverpool.

This means you can speak to your project manager directly in normal working hours as your business hasn’t been contracted out to some far foreign land such as China or Runcorn…..

The digital world is transforming the way business is done today and having a well thought out and implemented digital strategy is essential to the well being of your business.

Fuelled by coffee and dreams, the Blaze Media team love to create, build, learn and think our way through your businesses challenges and deliver more leads and better conversion rates.

We will help you track both yours and our impact on your business through the use of up to date analytics and social platforms.

Blaze Media is a vibrant, growing agency and we pride ourselves on delivering engaging campaigns and websites, resulting in happy clients who stay with us throughout their journey.

Why We Do What We Do

Never has the online world been more important to business than it is now.

Having an online presence gives you an unlimited opportunity for growth – people can learn about you, be inspired by you and buy from you anywhere in the World.

With eye catching campaigns, ambitious goals and a passion to stand out from the crowd, we can help you get where you want to be.

And, as we all grow and build better businesses, we also need to take responsibility for what we leave behind – looking after the planet and those who inhabit it – is something we take seriously which is why we’re doing what we can to offset our carbon footprint and pay all the good things that happen to us forward. 

We’re united by one vision; to inspire every business owner to think bigger, do better and create an impact on and offline.

Paul Webley

Managing Director

Paul is the founder and Director of Blaze. After spending 10 years working in digital marketing and consultancy around the UK. Paul decided to take a jump out of the big corporate safety bubble and start Blaze Media in 2017.

” I felt like I could open an agency with a fresh perspective. Taking on board everything I had learned dealing with large corporates and applying the tech and know-how to SME’s. Since opening Blaze, I have further respect for the small business owner\director as I have now been through the same trials and tribulations that they have! Owning a business of any size is hard and I know that we try to make our clients lives easier by taking the marketing head-ache away so they can concentrate on growing their business”

Outside of growing the agency, Paul loves holidaying with his family as well as running and cycling to stay young and fit!

Jordan Cobain

Social Media Executive

Jordan is a Television and Radio Production Graduate. He has been an apprentice here at Blaze Media for the past year and has now progressed to a full-time member of staff. Jordan Loves everything SEO and Creating Content. His favourite movies are 28 Days Later and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

“With Great Power Comes Great responsibility” – Uncle Ben 

Mark Reeson

Creative Producer & Director

Mark specialises in working at board level with some of the world’s leading brands. Experience like this has given him powerful insight into the fundamental workings of successful businesses, and he takes great personal pride in the working relationships that have been built up over many years with these organisations.

Mark has excellent communication skills, along with an invaluable ability to absorb and process complicated subject matter very quickly. He is also a very capable creative consultant, who has collaborated with many production companies, and agencies. He’s worked extensively with entrepreneurs and start-ups, as they establish their own brand identities.
Work like this has organically led to an invitation to become a Business Mentor for the British Library.  Mark is also a photographer, writer, illustrator and podcaster.

Joshua Sullivan

Creative Lead

Joshua is a graphic design graduate from John Moores University. He has specialised in digital design and illustration. He has a keen interest in layout and typography, which translates perfectly to web design. Joshua started working as a digital designer in 2014. He taught himself PHP, SASS/CSS and JQuery, which allowed him to create more advanced websites. Joshua is continually looking to learn new skills, which will help develop his websites.

In his spare time, Joshua likes drawing and going to the gym. Running through fields of wheat, with Theresa May, is the naughtiest thing he has ever done.

Rich Bennett

Filmmaker And Photographer

Rich is a filmmaker and photographer with a broad range of industry experience.

Working with Mark on a variety of projects since 2005, he has in recent years built a strong presence and reputation in the North of England.

Originally training as an editor with a broadcast TV company after studying documentary production, he became an FCP specialist and moved into promos and event film production. More recently as technology has progressed, Rich has begun to focus on web content, podcasts and social media film production.

An advocate for cutting edge technology, Rich was a part of the RED revolution in digital cinematography supporting many productions through shoot and post – including feature films, short films, commercials and promos.

Outside of work, Rich can often be found riding the trails, on the slopes or at the gym.

Rebecca Waterfield

Content Manager

Bec trained and worked as a journalist before presenting and producing a mainstream radio show for 10 years.  She was coached in authentic, engaging content writing by Bill McMahon, the man responsible for training some of radio’s leading hosts including Howard Stern. Creating and curating authentic, inspiring and engaging content is a super power she uses for the good of others, helping businesses to stand out from the crowd. 
She also dabbles in stand up, wishes it was Christmas every day and is still a proud Brosette.

Never call her Becky!

Josh Pierce

Paid Search Executive

JP is a PPC (pay-per-click) marketer. Working primarily with Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook & Instagram advertising.

He stumbled into the world of PPC marketing after working at summer camps in America. His experiences working at camps led to a position working in-house for a large travel company. In the role of paid advertisement specialists.

His primary role was generating registration & leads for the company through PPC advertising. In 2019 the company sent over 10,000 people abroad to work at summer camps across the world – with over 90% of those people being sourced through paid ads.