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15 May 2023

GA4: What You Need to Know if You Track Your Analytics

Google has released their fourth version of Google Analytics which is called Google Analytics 4.  Such an original name, I know! Can you guess what the previous version was called? You guessed it, version 3 (pretends to be shocked). Although it was commonly referred to by its other name, Universal Analytics. In this post we’ll ... 8 SEO Tips for Small Businesses



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12 April 2024

8 SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Do you run a small business and wonder how the heck you climb the Google rankings faster than a McDonald’s drive thru? Well luckily for you we’ve got a value packed article detailing 8 SEO tips you can use to help your small business climb the Google rankings. We’re a marketing agency so we’ve helped 8 SEO Tips for Small Businesses


6 March 2024

SEO vs PPC: Which is Better for Your Business?

SEO or PPC? It’s a question as old as, well, the internet. We dive into the pros and cons of both SEO and PPC and how you can decide what is right for you.

With this in-depth guide you will understand the importance of both SEO and PPC and how choosing the right marketing strategy for your business isn’t quite as straight forward as picking just one.


6 March 2024

Revealing the UK’s Digital Desires: The Most Sought-After Marketing Services by City

Discover which digital marketing strategy your city loves the most!

With web design, SEO, PPC, social media ads and email marketing, we break down the most sought after digital marketing strategies and which cities are searching for what. Find out more with Blaze Media’s digital marketing breakdown today.


5 March 2024

How to Measure SEO: Key Metrics to SEO Effectiveness

So you’ve started an active SEO strategy but aren’t sure if it is working? We get it, SEO can be complicated to monitor sometimes but with a few key insights from our SEO experts, we can help.

Find out which tools you need to track SEO and how you can find what is working and what isn’t with our guide to SEO KPIs.


12 February 2024

Creating Your Ideal Client Persona

Find out why creating an ideal client persona for your brand can help you understand the long term goals of your business and focus your marketing strategies on the content that matters.

Our guide to creating an ideal customer persona takes you through targeted communication, product development and enhanced marketing strategies for your business.


5 February 2024

A Guide to White Label SEO

What is white label SEO and how does it differ from regular SEO? Check out our complete guide to white label SEO.

Follow our guide to white label SEO and how it can benefit your agency with the expertise and knowledge of industry search engine optimisation professionals. Understanding what label SEO with Blaze Media.


29 January 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Web Design

Are you eco-conscious and want to know how to create a sustainable website that doesn’t take too much from the environment?

With out guide to sustainable web design, you can create stunning websites that perform great without the intensive resources that can have an environmental impact. Create a sustainable website with Blaze Media.


23 January 2024

What PPC KPI’s to Look Out For

Discover the best PPC KPIs to monitor and see how they can take your PPC ads to the next level.

With these top 5 pay per click KPIs, you will be able to measure the success of any ad campaign and find out how you can improve your ads and make them more cost-effective. See our top PPC KPIs by clicking the link.


16 January 2024

What are YMYL Pages?

Follow our guide for a full understanding of YMYL (your money your life) content.

Understand the ins and outs of YMYL content and why it is so important for your business if it falls into a niche that needs to consider YMYL guides. Click the link to find out more about YMYL content with Blaze Media.


12 January 2024

9 Web Design Tips for E-commerce Sites

Understand what users want from an ecommerce site and how you can design your ecommerce website for success.

With these 9 simple ecommerce website design tips, you are sure to create a stunning website that is optimised with conversions in mind. Get started with Blaze Media today and unleash your full online potential.


4 January 2024

9 Content Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners

Learn how you can be creative with your content marketing without breaking the bank and competing with bigger businesses and more resources.

Our guide highlights 9 inspiring ideas for your content marketing strategy and how you can stand out in more competitive digital landscape. From blogs to infographics, Blaze Media covers everything you need to know.


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