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The Importance of Branding Your Business Correctly

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In business there are a number of factors that can contribute to the success and also the downfall of companies. Having the branding of your business on point could be a deciding factor on how well (or not so well) your business does.

Afterall, in a world where attention is currency, it’s important that your business is able to stand out from the crowd and be instantly recognisable. Solid branding can help you achieve this.

When we talk about branding we don’t just mean having a logo and website to match. There is much more to consider if you’re to truly build a strong brand.  

So without further ado, let’s get into the juicy details of what branding is and how it can be a valuable asset for your business.

What is Branding?

As mentioned before, branding is much more than having the visual elements of your business in alignment e.g your logo and website. You need to think of branding as all encompassing when it comes to your marketing efforts.

So what does that mean?

It means that there needs to be consistency with everything that your company/organisation does in terms of marketing communications. Whether you’re providing a service or selling a product, you want your messaging to clearly state what you do as a business and what you’re about.

Every piece of marketing you put out will contribute to how your brand is viewed. That’s why it’s important to keep it consistent.    

Why Branding is So Important to Your Business

A brand is the way a business is perceived by those who experience it.

Think of anyone who interacts with your business on a daily basis, that could be customers, investors or even employees. Every single one has a view of your business in their mind which comes from their own individual experiences. 

What influences this perception is your branding.

If your branding is consistent and has a solid strategy behind it then their perception will more than likely be a positive one.

On the other hand, if your branding isn’t consistent and is sending out mixed messages then it can cause confusion and distrust. A very bad combination for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

Let’s dive into the benefits of having a strong brand, and what it can do for your business: 

Branding Increases Authority 

Branding helps you achieve authority by building trust. It cannot be underestimated how valuable becoming an authoritative business within your specific industry is. When you have authority, your business is at the forefront of everyone’s mind when they think about your niche. 

This can bring immense value in terms of gaining new customers and also attracting your competitors’ customers. They will see you as the number one business to deal with, so it makes sense to make the switch. 

Your Business Becomes More Recognisable

If you can find a way to stand out and be easily recognisable then your business has a much better chance at converting curious onlookers into paying customers. 

Every business is vying for the attention of others so you want to be able to stand out. Using branding as a means to become recognisable isn’t complicated. 

You just need to find opportunities to do things a little differently than your competitors. And there are endless possibilities out there.

Positively Impact Employees

Your employees are the heart and soul of your business. Without them your business doesn’t exist. Having a solid brand identity can actually positively impact your workforce in a number of ways, including:

  • Feel like part of a team – it takes a team to build a successful business, teamwork makes the dream work after all. Small things like branded merchandise and apparel can really make an impact on how a team feels about the company they work for. It shows you care and want to make them as welcome and comfortable as possible. 
  • Striving for a bigger goal – everyone in your business is pulling in the same direction so that the same goal can be achieved, which is to make the business a success. With a strong brand identity there is an opportunity to speak to the internal dialogue of your employees. This internal dialogue is aligned with the main business goals using positive brand messaging.
  • Creates a cohesive work environment – if your staff are working with each other day in day out then they will naturally bond over time. When your brand identity is strong this can permeate through the business into the working environment. Creating a closeness and togetherness when working alongside colleagues.

Generates New Sales

Businesses won’t last very long if they don’t make enough sales so we don’t need to stress the importance of generating new ones. 

Generating new sales is a natural by-product of having an excellent brand strategy. When we get our branding to a point where it is consistent across the board, the likelihood of generating new business rapidly increases.

All the previous benefits we have mentioned are a contributor to this increase in new sales.   

branding your business on a mac book pro

How to Brand Your Business More Effectively

Okay so we have talked about the benefits of branding for your business. Now let’s take a look at methods you can use to help you achieve a powerful brand.

Establishing Brand Values

Brand values are the cornerstone of any branding strategy, they are the determining factors of how your brand will look, sound and feel. You will need to use them as a guiding light when making decisions about the direction of your brand strategy. 

Brand values give your business a personality and give an indication to onlookers as to what you’re about.

Some businesses make their band values public while others tend to keep them in house. As an example, here are the brand values of Starbucks.

the importance of branding your business correctly using brand values.

Branded Content

If your business isn’t giving out valuable content then there is a serious opportunity being missed. Valuable content is one of the single most important assets a business can have. 

If your content is good enough then it may even go viral which means millions of people can see it. Imagine this content had your company logo and visuals sprinkled over it. 

That’s the power branded content has. It can potentially reach millions of people allowing your branding to make an imprint in their minds. Everytime they see your brand they will instantly know who you are and what you do.

Develop a Brand Strategy

Developing a brand strategy can be seen as an overwhelming task. The thing to remember is that you don’t want to rush this. 

A brand strategy needs to be carefully thought out but you don’t want to make it a long winded process either, otherwise it will never come to fruition.

Here are some basic aspects to consider when developing your brand strategy:

  1. Clearly identify your goals and mission.
  2. How will you articulate your messaging?
  3. Grasp your visual identity.
  4. Your business USP’s (Unique Selling Points).
  5. Know your market extremely well.
  6. Conduct thorough research.
  7. Think about your brand personality.
  8. What is the tone of voice of your brand?
  9. Create an engaging brand story.
  10. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience.

Study Competitors 

If you operate in a competitive industry then there is a very high chance that there are competitors that have excellent branding. 

Now, you may see this as threatening to your business success, especially if your branding is lacking. Although, you can turn this into a huge advantage by studying them and finding out what it is they do that makes their brand so unique. If they are having success then it shows that there is an opportunity for you to be successful also. 

Obviously don’t copy them as that can land you in some serious trouble. Take inspiration from what they are doing and apply it to your business in a way that is unique to you.

Look at things such as – 

  • Marketing emails
  • Social Media
  • Website content e.g. blogs, newsletters etc.
  • Paid Ads
  • etc
showing apples branding

Branding at Blaze Media 

There are countless benefits when your branding is on point. It’s something that gives your business the best opportunity of success. 

Of course there are many factors that can determine this, but your branding is one aspect that is totally in your control. 

That’s why it is imperative that you get it right, because if you don’t then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity in growing your business. 

If you want to take your business branding to the next level then please get in contact with us today. We work with loads of businesses and offer a wide range of services including graphic design, website development, social media marketing and content writing.

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