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How to Make your Website Stand Out

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Websites are the digital home of your business.

It’s a place where people from all over the world can take a peak at what your business is about and how you can solve their problems.

Therefore, if your website is mediocre then your business will come across mediocre.

Ain’t nobody gonna go to a mediocre business for anything. 


Which is why website design services are in demand more now than they ever have been. 

So let’s look at a few things you can do to your website to make it stand out more. 

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The Importance of a Good Website Design for Your Business

These days when someone wants to find out about your business, they just search it on Google. 

Then your business website will pop up and users will determine in the first five seconds whether your business can help them out or not.

Back in the day people would have had to use a phone book, ring up your business and get some details.

Now people don’t even have to talk to a single human to find out everything.

Especially with the rise in AI, sometimes we talk to bots instead. Some bots even have a better sense of humor than their human counterparts. 

So if your website doesn’t stand out and catch their attention then I’m afraid you’ll just get lost in the sea of noise that is the world wide web.

If you look at all the top businesses in the world, their websites are very well designed. It’s a place where your current and potential customers are going to spend a lot of time.

So make it an enjoyable experience for them, otherwise they could end up going to the competition. 

How to Make Your Website Stand Out

Here are five tips that can help make your website stand out:

1. Don’t Use Stock Images

Stock images have their purpose. They can fulfill a need if you need some generic photos but when possible it’s better to use original photos.

It gives your business that added bit of character and shows you’re serious about your brand image.

Make the images light hearted and show off the best parts of your company. Show the people who work for you and even get a picture of you in there too.

And to make an extra statement get those pictures on from ‘take your dog to work day’.

If you don’t have a designated day where dogs come in then you need to instate one immediately. After all, who doesn’t love looking at pictures of cute dogs.

2. Allow Users to Skim Content

When someone browses the web they tend to ‘skim’ through content. It’s just the nature of the average internet user these days.

We rarely have time to read all the finer details with such busy lives.

We need to know the value of things right away before having to delve right into the nitty gritty. If you can make the content of your website easy to skim then you’re eliminating any major effort to understand what you can offer as a business.

“The easier you make things for potential customers the easier they will become actual customers” – Blaze Media

This quote may not originally be ours but we’re using it nonetheless as it sounds cool.

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3. Graphics Are Important, But so is Copy

Websites need to be visually appealing.

If they aren’t then the chances of someone staying on your site to browse is slim to none. That’s why companies will spend millions on designs that will send out those feel good vibes when looking at them.

But just because visuals are important doesn’t mean you can ignore your website copy.

Having engaging and persuasive copy to backup a slick design is the ultimate combination for a killer site!

They go together like deep fried chicken and high cholesterol.

If you only have one nailed down then you’ll be at a serious disadvantage.

The copy doesn’t have to be detailed. It just needs to be enough to resonate with the reader and persuade them to pick you over competitors.  

Sometimes less is more when it comes to web copy.

4. Focus on User Experience

Just because you think it looks cool on your site doesn’t mean your customers will.

Always design your site with the customer in mind and see things from their point of view. When you look at things from their perspective you have a better chance of tapping into their emotions.

We’re highly emotional creatures and we usually buy on emotion over logic.

To help you get into your customers head ask yourself:

  • What is my customer’s end goal when on my site?
  • How might they interact with the site?
  • When they land on my site what is the first thing they will look for?

Getting into the mind of your customers will give you a better perspective from their eyes. This will involve a bit of guesswork but that’s normal. 

You’ll only know for sure if you have the ability to read people’s minds, which we assume you don’t. 

Unless you are in fact Professor X. 

5. Stick With a Consistent Blog Schedule

Blogs help in two ways:

  1. They help target specific keywords which people are searching for online, therefore you can attract new audiences to your site. This is known as SEO.
  2. The users on your site have access to useful and relevant information which shows your authority within that specific niche.

We’ll let you in on a little secret…..

Most sites don’t stick to a consistent blog schedule so if your site has one then you will most definitely stand out from your competitors. 

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Blaze Media – Web Design Specialists 

You don’t need to be a web design wizard to make your website stand out. 

Although employing a web design specialist like us can certainly take things to a whole new level.

These tips mentioned are a great starting point which will give you an edge over your competitors right away.

But if you own a business and want a website that is head and shoulders above the rest then contact us today.

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