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How to Blog Consistently

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Blogging has been around since the early 90s and it still remains an important part of your SEO strategy and overall marketing effort.

The difference between back then and now is that there are millions more pieces of content being viewed and shared in today’s world.

That means that it’s never been more difficult to stand out.

But you’ll be glad to know that your business can still stand out with its blogging efforts.


By producing high quality blog content on a consistent basis. 

In this post we’ll discuss 5 tips which will help you blog more consistently for your business. 

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What is the Best Day to Publish a Blog Post?

There is much debate about what day is the most optimal for publishing a blog. One source may say that Mondays are the winner, while other sources claim that it’s definitely Wednesdays and Thursdays that are best.

We’ll let you in on a little secret.

There isn’t really an optimal day for publishing a blog post because it will be different for each industry.

And how much difference this will actually make in terms of your viewing figures is much debated. 

First and foremost, the main thing to focus on is getting a consistent blog schedule going.

Then once that gets going you can run tests on which publishing days are best for your content.

What is the Ideal Blog Post Frequency?

There is no magic number of posts per week that your company must hit to achieve ultimate blogging nirvana.

You may have read online that you must post 17 times a day or else you’ll become an irrelevant relic of the past who will be lost in a sea of poorly written content.

First of all, 17 times a day is impressive but also totally unnecessary.

That amount would be enough to tire out an AI writing tool!

The ideal blog post frequency is determined on what is best for your business. It’s better to be consistent with a schedule you can cope with.

So if you can only publish one blog a week then stick to that, if you can post more, then even better.

How to Blog Consistently

Blogging consistently is one of the biggest challenges in general. It takes a consistent effort to make blogging successful for your business.

Here are 5 tips which might help you:

Generate as Many Ideas as you Can Ahead of Time

Coming up with ideas on the go can be challenging. 

You may not have the creative juices flowing to their optimal levels which means your blog ideas struggle to come to the surface.

That’s why it’s vital that you get as many ideas down as possible ahead of time, when those juices are in full flow. 

That way you always have a fresh pot of ideas to expand on and turn into blog posts.

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Create Content in Bulk

Creating blog posts can take quite a bit of time, especially when they are of high quality and not churned out using some soulless AI tool

We recommend creating a few pieces of content at once if you have the time.

That way, you’ll be able to get ahead of yourself and not be constantly scrambling for free time to stick to a posting schedule.

Schedule for Publishing Ahead of Time

When you create your blog content in bulk the next step is to schedule the blogs to be published ahead of time.

Try and get a few weeks ahead if possible.

Doing so allows you to mitigate any issues that may impede your blogging process.

Life always throws a curveball at us so it’s better to be prepared for it!

Get Organised

Organisation is key.

This applies to the whole blogging process.

You’ll need to organise all your notes and ideas so when you review them they are easily accessible.

The same goes for knowing what content you’ll be posting about in the next month or two. Have somewhere you can organise your content for the future.

Doing so means you can have a clearer picture of what direction your strategy is going in.

Do a Small Amount Each Day

When you perform small tasks everyday over a period of time they can make a big impact. This is also known as the compound effect.

You can apply the compound effect to blogging. 

If you write 300 words a day five times a week that is 1500 words in a single week. That’s about 2-3 blog posts a week. Which is well over 100 blogs a year.

Think of the impact that could have for your business by only writing 300 words a day.

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Blaze Media – Consistent Blog Content for Your Business

Having a solid blog strategy for your business website can offer many benefits. The main issue business owners face is finding the time to keep up with a consistent posting schedule for their blog.

Here at Blaze Media we provide blogging services for a range of businesses. We cover the full blogging strategy including content strategy, creation and publishing.

Our service gives business owners more time so they can focus on other aspects of their business which could impact company growth.

Contact us today and we can help take your business blogging strategy to the next level. 

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