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9 Web Design Trends for 2023

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Web design is a very sought after skill and it’s clear to see why.

Having a website that can represent your brand in the right way is worth its weight in gold. A website is like a digital storefront in today’s era.

Imagine having a physical storefront that looks old and decrepit, no one would visit it.

The same goes for your website, you need to have it looking not just presentable but exquisite. To do so you’ll need to hire the best web designers possible.

Hint, Hint. We design high quality websites.

Just look at this site we designed for the security company, Woss UK.

Anyway, enough about us.

Let’s look at 9 web design trends for 2023.

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1. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

It seems like AI has already taken over.

I suppose we have the media to thank for that.

Although AI is here and here to stay, it’s important to remember that it still has so far to go. 

AI’s potential in terms of web design is massive. AI is assisting web designers in building websites in a more streamlined fashion.

We’re also seeing a rise in website chatbots. Chatbots are AI powered chat rooms that are designed to help users with any queries they may have.

Instead of hiring a full time employee to deal with an inquiry you can use a chatbot which pops up as soon as someone lands on your website. 

2. Immersive 3D experiences 

Immersive 3D design is being explored more in web design. Brands are looking for new ways to stand out and presenting users with 3D experiences is a way to do that.

Thanks to emerging technologies these 3D designs are becoming more accessible and easier to source for web designers.

Integrating these 3D experiences into your site can take quite a bit of resource but doing so could be the difference in standing out from the competition.

3. Interactive Fonts 

When it comes to important decisions about the design of a website the font was never considered very high on the list.

Now, thanks to some very clever minds, fonts can play a huge role as they are able to be more interactive and leave a bigger impression on users.

Interactive fonts means that the font of your copy can change in some weird and wonderful ways when users interact with them.

Some fonts shrink, others turn into new fonts.

There really is no limit to what can happen so get creative!

4. Layering

Layering isn’t new but more websites are starting to understand the power of layering when it comes to web design.

This involves layering text, images, animations and other design elements on top of each other to create an engaging website design feature.

This can usually be seen on the homepage where you want to wow your visitors.

Layering is a really useful technique to use when your site doesn’t feature much copy on it. 

5. More Bespoke Illustrations 

Illustrations for websites and content in general are becoming increasingly popular as businesses explore new and exciting ways to attract the eyes of potential customers.

Stock images are boring and old hat – so much so that Google will reward you for having unique imagery on your site.

What better way to bring your company’s image to life than with some cool custom illustrations. 

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6. Fun Interactions

When designing a website you always want to think of the user and how they might interact with your site.

Thanks to the advancement of software it is possible to make your site highly interactive for users. These interactions could be subtle but they can make a difference.

Think of icons and buttons that a user may click on.

You could make these icons jiggle and move, or have fun sounds when the buttons are being clicked.

There are endless possibilities. 

Imagine a fart noise every time someone clicked on your homepage?

It would be either highly annoying or complete brilliance…or inappropriate depending on your business!! 

7. Dark Mode

There are many benefits to enabling dark mode on your screen, including:

  • Extended battery life.
  • Less blue light.
  • Eyes strain less.

With these benefits being promoted more nowadays there is no surprise that websites will start to be designed to tailor this dark mode effect.

Afterall, if you can make an aesthetically pleasing site which also comes with the benefits above then this can only be a good thing.

8. Augmented-Reality (AR)

AR is when you combine computer generated content with elements of the real world. Doing this helps create a more engaging experience for the user.

Imagine your customer wants to order a new pair of glasses but they can’t be bothered going into your shop to try some new ones on.

No need to worry.

Thanks to AR you can host a virtual try-on feature on your website which could allow them to virtually try on the glasses.

Meaning they don’t even need to leave their bed.

Need we say much more?   

9. Video With a Purpose

Long gone are the days where you stick a YouTube link to a video on your website and hope for the best.

Using video is important but there needs to be a purpose, especially now that video dominates the internet.

Having videos that integrate well with your site and brand are going to be a lot more meaningful to your audience. 

It will also give them the right impression. That you’re serious about your brand and want to promote it in the best way possible.

With emerging technology, video content is becoming higher quality and with AI you manipulate the video to how you see fit.

Just don’t go putting celebrities’ faces in your video and claiming that they endorse your brand all of a sudden.

It’s highly immoral, not to mention kinda creepy.

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Blaze Media – Trendsetters of Web Design 

And there you have it, 9 web design trends that will make a huge impact in 2023. Some of these trends will make a bigger impact than others, but no doubt they will all have their part to play.

If any of these trends interest you and you would like to explore more about what features your website could have then please reach out to us.

At Blaze Media we have a web design department which has created an extensive collection of websites.

Using up to date practices and the latest technology we can build the website that your customers want to use. 

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