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Positive Effects Of Negative Keywords

Negative keywords can often be one of the biggest answers to avoiding wasted costs on a Google Ads campaign.  In this blog post we will be exploring exactly what is a negative keyword, how to implement them into your Google Ads campaigns and some top tips on how to find them. WHAT IS A NEGATIVE ... Positive Effects Of Negative Keywords

Shopify – Making Ecommerce Easy

Selling products and services online is no new thing, and if you’re one of the many who are considering growing your ecommerce store then there has never been so much choice in terms of platforms to use. Out of all of them, the one that has seen the biggest growth recently is Shopify. THE RISE ... Shopify – Making Ecommerce Easy

Be Real, Be Relatable And Be Consistent – Writing With Authenticity!

CHANGE YOUR MINDSET TO MENTOR: Don’t come at your content marketing from a position of selling. Come at it from a position of adding extra value. What insights or advice can you offer your audience that can improve their lives, either personally or professionally.