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The Best Independent Businesses In West Derby On Instagram

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First, we highlighted the best Instagram accounts in Crosby and Waterloo, then we travelled down the road and brought you The Top Ten Instagram accounts in Bootle.

Well, now’s the time to move south a little bit further and showcase some of the best Instagram accounts in West Derby!

Independent businesses in Liverpool City Centre have been booming for some time now, and their popularity has caused them to spread from the City Centre to other surrounding areas – including West Derby Village.

So, without further ado, here are our Top Ten Instagram accounts in West Derby.

10) The Ladle

Instagram Handle: @theladle19

Industry: Hospitality and delivery

Location: 19 Almonds Green, Liverpool, L12 5HJ

Not only is The Ladle a very stylish café and restaurant in West Derby Village, it’s also home to some quality ‘Instagrammable’ meals! Their feed is full of juicy burgers, stacked milkshakes, and decadent desserts.

As well as this, they also frequently post quotes in support of independent businesses, showing that they are proud of their roots and seeking the type of audience that want their money to be spent locally.

The Ladle have not long gone through a rebrand due to a trademark issue with their previous name, It’s All Gravy. When all of their marketing avenues catch up with their Facebook and Instagram and are brought together under their new banner, the business will have a solid brand identity to spread throughout West Derby. 

9) West Derby Cake Lady

Instagram Handle: @westderbycakelady

Industry: Baking

Location: 101 Town Row, Liverpool, L12 8RJ

Jenny, the West Derby Cake Lady, makes custom cakes of all sizes for any occasion. The result of this is that she can fill her Instagram feed with a variety of gorgeous cakes where there’ll surely be something to appeal to everybody.

When she posts, all her pictures are branded with her name and they look especially sleek when the pictures are taken in front of her consistent backgrounds.

Jenny’s cakes are so popular that you’ll often see her creations featured on other West Derby businesses Instagram feeds. This word of mouth marketing technique has been successful for West Derby Cake Lady and made her a household name in the region.

8) 51 Mill Lane

Instagram Handle: @51milllane

Industry: Hospitality

Location: 51 Mill Lane, West Derby, Liverpool, L12 7HZ

The Almond Eatery and sister venue 51 Mill Lane are West Derby favourites for good food and good vibes.

51 Mill Lane’s Instagram makes use of the Story Highlights function to group their feed in easy to discover chunks. And their feed is a combination of tasty meals and money-saving deals encouraging customers to order. However, what they do that is most unique is they post screenshots of their reviews from other platforms. This makes their feed stand out by effectively having testimonials from genuine customers.

7) Macello Meathouse

Instagram Handle: @macellowestderby

Industry: Hospitality

Location: 12-14 West Derby Village, Liverpool, L12 5HW

Macello Meathouse are one of those restaurants where the meals look so mouth-watering that it’s as if Instagram was made just to show them off! And they use extremely high quality images to truly get across how delicious they look.

Some of their posts that have the most views are on trend videos like the iconic cheese pull. These types of decadent videos often go viral on the internet with some accounts themed purely around them! On top of this, Macello make sure to get across to their customers just how much they care for their community by advertising their deals that are on offer for NHS staff or the community clean up events ran by staff.

6) The Flower Pot Liverpool

Instagram Handle: @theflowerpotliverpool

Industry: Florist

Location: 7a West Derby Village, Liverpool, L12 5HJ

For a small, inconspicuous shop like The Flower Pot, Instagram can work as a way to showcase your inventory to a large number of customers without worrying about aisle or shelf space.

Also, for a colourful and attractive business like a florist, an Instagram feed is so easy to make beautiful! The Flower Pot’s feed is so full of colour and beautiful shapes that scrolling through their page is like flicking through an art magazine. 

5) Crew Barbers

Instagram Handle: @crewbarberswestderby

Industry: Barbers

Location: 16 West Derby Village, Liverpool, L12 5HW

Crew Barbers are a popular choice of barbershop for the locals of West Derby. Their Instagram page shows off their crisp and clean logo that’s reminiscent of men’s grooming product brand, American Crew, which they stock and use in the shop.

Some of their most liked posts are those that feature celebrity guests like UFC fighter Darren Till, comedian Paul Smith, and boxer Peter McGrail. Of course, to get clients like this in the first place you have to be offering a stellar service!

So, if you’re putting some solid effort into providing a quality experience for your customers then you’ll be able to reap the marketing rewards that come through influencer marketing.

4) Elsie’s Closet Children’s Wear

Instagram Handle: @elsiesclosetliverpool

Industry: Fashion

Location: 1a Honey’s Green Lane, Liverpool, L12 9EN

With 33000 followers, Elsie’s Closet Children’s Wear is easily the most followed business in West Derby. Their feed is populated by cute, pastel coloured children and babies’ clothes.

What they do best is keep their Instagram followers up to date with all their latest sales and deals through their Story Highlights.

Also through Story Highlights, the business promotes their Brand Reps for the season. In this collection you’ll also find the families of the chosen Brand Reps tagging Elsie’s on their own account, creating a dual promotion between brand and rep with every season that can result in a big boost of followers.

3) Liverpool Gift Gallery

Instagram Handle: @liverpoolgiftgallery

Industry: Gift & Specialty

Location: 66A Mill Lane, West Derby, Liverpool, L12 7JB

Liverpool Gift Gallery is a prime example of how beneficial some good market research can be. Although Liverpool City Centre is a hub for independent art shops and galleries, there’s less choice when you head outside of the city and there were in fact none in West Derby.

By spotting this gap in the market, Georgie (the brains behind Liverpool Gift Gallery) was able to provide a unique shopping experience for her local community while promoting local artists.  

Their Instagram is used as a platform to display some of the art and products that they stock, where they can inform their followers about the artist and even arrange purchases with customers through their DMs.

2) The Skin Girl

Instagram Handle: @theskingirlliverpooll

Industry: Beauty

Location: West Derby, Liverpool

The Skin Girl is another of the biggest accounts in West Derby. Her posts are of impeccable quality and are a good mix of images and videos, with plenty of Reels and also some longer form IGTV posts.

On top of this, the Highlights section is full of helpful information about products and even a Q&A section where there’s a collection of her engagement with followers.

Finally, in The Skin Girl’s bio you’ll find an affiliate link which gives her business an extra sense of authenticity and can encourage trust between followers by essentially offering them something for free by way of a discount. Loyal followers can also use her code to support The Skin Girl through commissions, which is always nice! 

1) School of Rox

Instagram Handle: @schoolofroxx

Industry: Music Tutoring

Location: 18A West Derby Village, Liverpool, L12 5HW

School of Rox could have simply settled with having their slick looking website but no, they went the extra mile and redistributed the information from the website onto their Instagram profile and voila: a social media marketing peripheral designed to provide clients with all the information they could need quickly and easily.

They make use of the Instagram story highlights function to provide clear information to any prospective customers. Some of this information supplements the website well, such as the Teachers section, where you can view the individual music tutors and find out more about each person.

The main reason that we’ve put School of Rox at the number one spot though is because they organised an independent business giveaway with other businesses in West Derby Village. This giveaway was designed to be advertised on each business’ page, resulting in a massive surge in engagement for each page.  

Congrats to the businesses featured in our list!

What makes West Derby independents so special is their sense of community.

They may not be the biggest businesses, but they work together to ensure that their area, and the people from it, can benefit from what they have to offer.  

If you need help running your social media accounts or fancy a chat contact us today.

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