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Top 10 Social Media Superstars for Independent Business in Wirral

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It’s that time again! This week we’re heading over the water to check out some independent businesses in the Wirral and see how they use social media.

There are some fantastic little (and big) businesses over there so without further ado let’s get stuck right in!

10) Stratton Oakmont Construction Ltd

Instagram Handle: strattonoakmont_ltd

What they do: Construction

Location: Prenton

Stratton Oakmont is a construction company based in Prenton. They’re experts at carpentry and joinery and specialise in fitting out both residential and commercial units. Over in Prenton they’ve worked on the Wirral Hundred pub and other independent stores.

Their feed is full to the brim with exciting behind the scenes looks at projects that the team are working on, and by showing you before and after images in the same post they’re able to really showcase their talents. They also make use of the Reels feature to show you what it feels like to be working on the job.

Finally, their branding uses red accents well and just adds that little pop of colour that makes their brand recognisable and professional. It even matches their company uniforms!

9) HOST Oxton

Instagram Handle: hostoxton

What they do: Food, coffee and independent products

Location: Unit 2, The Willows, 2 Village Rd, Oxton, Birkenhead, Prenton CH43 5SR

HOST is an amazing coffee shop in Oxton. Their goal is to be your host and showcase other local and independent business’ products by selling them in their store.

On top of this, they also sell healthy food that’s delicious, promoting a mindful and enjoyable lifestyle. And their food doesn’t just taste good, it also looks fantastic. It’s so good to be able to take a look at their feed and see breath-taking close up, artistic pictures of their food.

8) Noubalm

Instagram Handle: noubalm

What they do: Skin care

Location: 46 Christchurch Rd, Oxton, Birkenhead, Prenton CH43 5SF

Noubalm have a few locations in the Wirral where they sell their healing and soothing mind and body products. This includes 100% natural and organic skin and body care products, as well as herbal teas and a range of home items.

Looking at their feed will instantly relax you which is very much in line with their brand. The peaceful whites, pinks, and creams, go well together, and almost every post is branded with their logo in a natural green colour.

You can easily check out their products and see how good they are by viewing their range of in-depth Story Highlights.

7) The Yog Bar

Instagram Handle: theyogbar

What they do: Frozen yogurt and desserts

Location: 4 Market St, Hoylake, Wirral CH47 2AE

The Yog Bar was the Wirral’s first ever frozen yogurt shop! They are based in Hoylake and have been in operation since 2013.

Their feed is an Instagram user’s dream: decadent desserts! Their yogurts, milkshakes and desserts all look outstanding and are simply irresistible. They well and truly know how to present their products!

They go all out with their designs and put in the effort to help their posts stand out, like they did with their Halloween themed posts in spooky season, and push for engagement with unique ideas like ‘build your spooktacular Halloween night in’.

6) Merseyside Maker’s Market

Instagram Handle: merseysidemakersmarket

What they do: Independent market stalls

Location: St. Andrew’s Church Hall, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 5DN

Merseyside Maker’s Market are heroes for the independent scene in Merseyside! They offer small independent businesses the chance to sell their goods at a market exclusively for independents that’s open for free to the public. What a perfect opportunity to showcase your goods and make some money!

They use their Instagram feed to promote different vendor’s stalls from past markets and also countdown to their upcoming markets. What this does is create a real sense of community among the independent scene in Merseyside and encourage everyone to come along, whether you’re a baker, a jeweller, or anything in between!

5) Wallasey Orthodontic Practice

Instagram Handle: wallaseyorthodonticpractice

What they do: Orthodontist

Location: 154 Belvidere Rd, Wallasey CH45 4PT

Now, we know the dentist can be frightening for some… but Wallasey Orthodontic Practice are nothing to fear! In fact, their Instagram shows that even orthodontists can have a sense of humour!

Not only do they have their own unique branding that they use on their posts, but they also have fun with what they post. They’ll jump on trends as well as using their creativity to create entertaining content and publish important dental information.

On top of this, they use footage submitted by their patients to offer a true insight into the service that they provide which is even more meaningful than if they were to just say stuff about themselves.

4) Monte Carlo Hoylake

Instagram Handle: montecarlohoylake

What they do: Bar and grill

Location: 22-24 Market St, Hoylake, Wirral CH47 2AE

Another terrific destination for food in the Wirral, Monte Carlo in Hoylake serves outstanding food and drinks and has a tapas selection to die for.

They use signage that showcases their brand in their posts which is great when publishing pictures of food because whenever people share your posts it’s immediately obvious who you are, and seeing it there over and over again while scrolling helps ingrain it into your memory.

Of course, as a food and drink venue, they know how to take good pictures of their meals! The food is always presented great and makes you just want to dive right in.

3) Tusk Salon

Instagram Handle: tusksalon

What they do: Salon

Location: Unit 7 Tarran Way S, Moreton, Greasby, Wirral CH46 4TP

Tusk Salon is a salon and hairdressers based in Moreton. They are specialists in hair, nails, skin and even yoga!

What’s so unique about their feed is that they changed their aesthetic for the season. So when autumn rolled around, their bright posts made way for autumnal shades of brown, orange, and deep red. This makes their feed more striking than your average hair salon.

As they are still a hair salon, however, they still deliver on the expectation of seeing close up photos of their wonderful hairdressing work with gorgeous photos of many different hairstyles.

2) GR Glazing Solutions LTD

Instagram Handle: grglazingsolutions

What they do: Glazing industry specialists

Location: Xtreme House, Ocean Park, Wallasey, Birkenhead CH41 1HW

GR Glazing are specialists in all things glass and glazing, from rooflights to balconies and everything else you could imagine.

One of the good things about their industry is that glass looks so good when photographed well. Whether they’re posting about a before and after on work they’ve done in a residential interior, or a full commercial exterior gleaming in the sunshine, their work always looks immaculate.

As a business, they have over 25 years of experience and have the skills and knowledge to promise you the world and deliver. Social media for them is mainly an exercise in letting your work speak for itself and sometimes that’s all you need to make a statement on just how good you are.

1) Low Slow and Dough

Instagram Handle: low_slow_and_dough

What they do: Tex-Mex restaurant

Location: Habbi Bar, Victoria Quarter, 3 Grosvenor Road, New Brighton, CH45 2JD

Low Slow and Dough is a modern Tex-Mex restaurant found in New Brighton known for its tacos, burgers, and delicious small plates.

They know exactly what their followers want to see and they don’t disappoint. Their food always looks on-point and their posts have well-written descriptions that perfectly sell their products.

On top of this, they have awesome branding and frequently take opportunities to showcase it in unique ways like with sponsorships, shoutouts, and even tattoos!

This list was so difficult to put together! There’s just so many amazing businesses in the Wirral so congratulations to everyone over there for supporting each other and creating a wonderful community for independents.

We love sharing our favourites independent business in the North West and can’t wait to come back with another blog post in the future. Where should we go next? Let us know what you want to see!

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