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How to Reactivate your Disabled Facebook Ad Account

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A disabled Facebook Ad account can well and truly ruin your day – even a Friday afternoon!

While your account is down you obviously won’t be able to run any ads and therefore will be missing out on any revenue that your ads bring in. During which time your potential customers may have been swiped up by your competitors!

Thankfully, a disabled Facebook Ads account can be recovered. Though sometimes it can be a lengthy process.

So let’s go through how you can potentially speed up the recovery process and get your Ads account back quicker than usual.

How to quickly get your Facebook Ads account back

The first step to getting your Ads account back up and running is to formally request a review. To do this, you need to appeal their decision to disable your account which can be done through however you were notified of the ban or by completing this form.

In as much detail and being as specific as possible, you should provide a statement describing how you haven’t broken any of their policies (at least knowingly).

Once you’ve submitted this form, you’re just waiting for a real-life human to review your account and confirm that it shouldn’t have been disabled. This can take ages. Like seriously, weeks. All for you to get your account back for a policy that you never even violated.

Instead of waiting around, here’s a trick that you can do to speed the process up. Visit their business help page and go to the ‘contact our support team’ section.

Fill out their form and then you’ll be put in touch with a member of their support team via live chat. The wait to speak to someone through this channel can be as little as two minutes! Explain to them what’s happened and if it’s all good you should be back up and running very soon.

Finally, another route you can go is contacting your Facebook rep. Now, not all Facebook Ads accounts will have a rep, but if you do then definitely get in touch with them as they’ll be able to sort you out sharpish.

Why has my Facebook Ads account been disabled?

Facebook have their policies that you have to adhere to when advertising on their platform. You may not like it, but them’s the rules.

If you think you’re safe to flout their rules because ‘surely they can’t check everybody’s ads!’ then think again sonny Jim!

Facebook have an algorithm that crawls through every single ad that gets uploaded to their network and then checks whether any policies have been broken. If so, then your ad gets disapproved (although this can be reviewed).

Get enough of your ads disapproved by their algorithm and then your Ads account can get disabled too, which is more of a hassle to resolve.

How to avoid getting your Facebook Ads account disabled

Most simply, make sure you follow their policies. These policies can change all the time at a moment’s notice so stay up to date as much as you can with Facebook and their Ads policies to keep you in the best stead.

Also be sure to review every single ad that you run that gets disapproved. If you know that it doesn’t violate any of Facebook’s policies, then you should complete the review process and make sure that they end up being approved.

Another thing we see people get Ads accounts disabled for is not paying bills on time. If your back has insufficient funds then your account can be instantly disabled until this is sorted out. It’s best to think ahead for things like this and make sure to never be in this situation if it’s at all possible.

What to do if you can’t get your Facebook Ads account back

Unfortunately, if you’ve had your Facebook Ads account disabled and your appeal hasn’t worked then there’s not much more that you can do.

Because your Facebook Ads account is linked to your business manager account which is linked to your personal Facebook account and so on… They’ll be able to tell if you’re opening a new page to duplicate your ads.

If you want to make a new account, you’ll have to make sure all your related Facebook profiles are brand new. This might not be the best news if your business already has a Facebook page with an active, cultivated audience.

So our best advice is follow the rules! Don’t get yourself in this position in the first place by running appropriate ads and making sure you appeal any that get unexpectedly banned.

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