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Using TikTok Creative Center

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If you make adverts on TikTok, then you should definitely be making good use of the TikTok for Business Creative Center. And if you’re not making ads on TikTok then you should be!

TikTok is no longer just the place for cool kids. It’s now one of the most popular forms of social media on the market, with over 1 billion monthly active users, accounts from all over the globe and users from all demographics.

But if you’re new to advertising on TikTok, then are there any tools are out there that can provide you with useful tips and tricks on creating the best TikTok ads? It just so happens that there is! Carry on reading for more information on this fantastic tool and how it can be utilised when marketing your business on TikTok.

What is the TikTok Creative Center?

The TikTok Creative Center is a free resource available to anyone with a TikTok Business Account (which is also free!). It provides users with data-backed best practices to create adverts that perform to their fullest potential, as well as offering insights on the latest trends across all industries on TikTok.

For example, say you were in the makeup industry, you can use the Trend Discovery page to see what other businesses in your industry are doing well and then filter those examples down by campaign objective. By looking at the highest performing ads, you can get a clear view on what works and then use this information to do your own experiments and see what works for you.


Useful features

There’s so much to rave about on the TikTok Creative Center, but let’s start with some of our most stand out features!

Most Valuable Frame

The most valuable frame graph clearly shows you what second in an ad received the most clicks in relation to the number of viewers. This shows you precisely what frame was on screen when most people decided to click and be taken to the brand’s landing page.

This information could be crucial for planning your own adverts, so be sure to check out a few ads from your industry and compare their most valuable frames and see if there’s anything in common that you notice.

Top Ads

The Creative Center’s top ads function is fantastic and works in a similar way to Meta’s Ad Library.

You can filter by location, industry and campaign objectives to really get a close look on what makes some ads better than others.

Take a closer look by selecting a specific advert and viewing performance details and a list of what ad caption keywords were used.

Audio Library

Sometimes picking what song you want to use in the background of your advert is like navigating a minefield. With copyright law being the way it is recently, it’s very rare that you can get away with using licensed music.

TikTok have made this part of the ad making process so much easier for you by curating their own list of pre-cleared music that you can use in the background of your adverts without worrying about your ad getting taken down.

There are hundreds of thousands of songs and sound effects for you to choose from, and they are even organised into recommended playlists so that you can find a song that fits the exact vibe you want.


Smart Text

Do you target customers in different regions or who speak different languages? Then TikTok have your back.

Their Smart Text tool allows you to translate any of your ad text into any one of over 50 languages. Not only this, but you can also select a keyword and Smart Text will provide automatic ad text for you and translate it if needed! What a world we live in!

Power in the hands of the experts

Sure, the TikTok Creative Center makes advertising on TikTok easier for the general public. But where it really excels is in the hands of trained marketers such as ourselves.

At Blaze Media, we can use the information and features within the Creative Center in conjunction with other analytic data that we have to create the best TikTok ad campaign for your business according to your chosen objectives.

Get in touch with us today for more information and let’s start working together!

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