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5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Social Media Management

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Managing your social media accounts can be a daunting task. Especially if you don’t have huge numbers of staff at your disposal. Managing and running social media accounts takes time and consistent effort to make them work.

Some companies prefer to manage their social media in house whilst others prefer to outsource it to an agency. Some businesses are unaware of the benefits that outsourcing your social media management can bring. 

So we’re here to dispel a few myths and give 5 key benefits to outsourcing your social media management. 

1 – It Saves Time

Probably the most obvious benefit is that it can save you an enormous amount of time.

You may think that all you need to do is post a cool picture every once in a while and that will do the job but the reality is far from that! 

Social media has the potential to change your business if done correctly. But that means a lot of planning, an omnichannel strategy and plenty of creativity. 

Social media is so powerful, it must be treated like any other part of your business and not like a side project. 

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2 – Produce the Highest of Quality Content 

Today’s online world has allowed for a whole new generation of content creators to emerge. As a result the bar is set high when it comes to the quality of content being put out there. The old cookie cutter content from ten years ago just won’t work anymore.

Your content needs to be innovative and engaging so you can stand out from your competitors and stop people scrolling past. 

When you outsource your social media duties you’re getting access to talent, tools and software that help produce premium content. 

Agencies have dedicated social media experts who collaborate together to produce content that is unique and attention grabbing. 

These experts work on social media day in and day out so they can spot trends and identify opportunities which you may miss.  

3 – Access to Expert Knowledge

Social media is fast paced and it’s constantly evolving. As a result, people who only dabble in social media find it hard to keep up to date with the latest breakthroughs and changes. 

If you miss out on important information then it has the potential to seriously harm your social media efforts.

Having an outsourced social media team means that you don’t need to keep up to date with anything. That’s the job of the team you’ve hired. They’re constantly immersed in the online world and are ahead of the curve with breaking news and important changes. 

If you have any interest in social media yourself then you also have a reliable source to call upon. It’s not uncommon for agencies to give social media audits or consultations.  

4 – Save Costs

Money makes the world go round after all, eh? But seriously, what business doesn’t like to save cash?

When it comes to outsourcing your social media you may think it’s adding to your outgoings as a business. While that is partly true, the truth is that it can save businesses so much money in the long run.

Why – well here are a few reasons: 

No Training Involved

Your staff will more than likely need some sort of training for them to handle your social channels. If the training is done in house then that will require a lot of time. And time is money afterall. If you find an external training partner then you can bet that it will cost a pretty penny, especially for a decent programme.

Not Hiring In House Staff

Hiring a dedicated person or team to handle your social media is going to add a huge amount of money to your wage bill, not to mention holidays, pensions and technology. Keeping it outsourced eliminates the need to invest a significant amount of your company’s wage pot.

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No Buying Extra Software or Tools

Along with having to hire new staff you would also need to equip them with the latest software and equipment. Otherwise it will make their jobs 10x harder. When you outsource to an agency, they already have the latest tools and technology which they pay for themselves. 

Generate More Revenue 

Okay so technically this isn’t saving money but it is generating it, which in our opinion is still worth throwing in!

A well thought out and executed social media strategy has the potential to give your business a huge return on investment if executed properly. 

As a result you can attract new business and even sponsorships due to having a healthy audience size and engagement. 

5 – Build Better Relationship With Customers 

Finally, social media is not only a great way to generate revenue for your business but also to communicate better with your customers.  

Social media is all about being social after all! 

Having this line of communication with your customers can be vital. Customers can give you honest feedback and highlight the positive but also negative aspects of your service or product. 

Keeping this communication fluid is very time consuming so having it outsourced and managed properly could prove to be invaluable.  

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Social Media Management with Blaze Media

We have just highlighted the benefits of outsourcing your social media management to an agency so what are you waiting for?

On a more serious note, if you are wanting to take your social media management to the next level then we would love to hear from you.

Contact us today and speak with one of our social media experts and we can start putting a plan into place for you.  

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