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Membership based websites that work for you!

There’s no doubt about it, the future of business is digital. One of the most successful business models that has emerged over the last couple of years are membership based websites.

A membership – or subscription – based site gives you a chance to monetise your knowledge and content as well as allowing you to scale your business quickly and benefit from recurring monthly payments.

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Extra Value Content = More Time Spent on Your Site

Given the sheer amount of content out there, it can be really hard to convince users to stay on your website to consume the information you’re providing.

Various pieces of research have shown that sites which provide content behind a membership subscription keep users on their site by up to 60% longer and the number of page visits increases by anything up to 25%.

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Content & Community

There are 2 main reasons why a subscription based website is the right reason for you and your business. You either have some in-depth knowledge to share that will help people in their personal or professional lives, or you want to engage with a like-minded community of people.

If your business is geared around sharing knowledge then your content may include written copy in the form of articles or videos, podcasts, live tutorials and classes or one to one coaching and/or counselling.

A membership website is also perfect for creating a community and forging relationships between people with similar interests. It can become a safe and secure place for people to share experiences, thoughts and motivation.

This can be a particularly useful idea for health, fitness and wellbeing businesses as well as counsellors, business coaches and professional networking groups.

It’s important to remember that any content that lives in a private log in area (behind a paywall) won’t be accessible to the entire internet. This has a very definite plus in that it adds extra value to your content BUT it also means that search engines won’t pick it up so it won’t add to any SEO efforts.

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Case Studies

POW8R Logo
POW8R Mobile App Videos On Demand Page Screenshot
POW8R Mobile App Challenges Page Screenshot

The Brief

Holly Braithwaite and Callum Webb are personal trainers with a huge following. When the pandemic forced us into a lockdown, they took their business online and launched POW8R which has gone on to feature in GQ and Vogue magazines.

After building their first limited website, we were then tasked to create a membership based website and progressive web app (PWA) which would allow them to share their library of workouts, host live sessions and provide meal ideas, a weight tracker and an upload feature for members to track their progress.

The Process

After spending time with Holly and Callum and understanding what they needed from their new site, our web design team crafted a series of designs to reflect the growth of the POW8R brand.

Once the designs were signed off, the development team then set about a complex build which included crafting an easy to use sign up and payment system which would accept recurring monthly payments.

We also needed to incorporate a robust platform to allow them to host live workouts which would then be uploaded to create a large library of workouts which would be accessible to members only so they can workout whenever and wherever they want.

This secure section also hosts a weight tracker and a picture upload function so members can track the amazing progress they make throughout their journey with POW8R.

The build didn’t just involve our design team. The graphic design team played a huge part in the process with our copywriters making sure the content was as engaging as the imagery to ensure the best user experience (UX).

Our Paid Media team also collaborated closely to make sure the pages were optimised to generate the best return on investment for future advertising campaigns.

pow8r desktop website screenshot

The Outcome

The result is a dynamic, easy to use website and web app which form the basis of an exciting and motivated fitness community.

Holly and Callum are leading the way in the online training world and they now have a platform that reflects their success and will continue to scale with them over the coming years.

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Mind and Wellness Logo
Mind and Wellness website homepage Page Screenshot
Mind and Wellness what we do page Screenshot

The Brief

Actress and coach Gemma Merna came to us to help her achieve her vision of creating an online community of people who want to improve their work-life balance and live a happier, healthier life.

Gemma needed the site to showcase the variety of courses and coaching programmes that she provides to groups, individuals and performers as well as featuring a members only area with access to a full library and yoga, meditation and breathing techniques.

The Process

Once we had done a redesign on the Mind and Wellness logo, our design team set to work designing a site which had a contemporary, bright and professional palette. Gemma didn’t want to go with the traditional pastel colours associated with her industry so we embraced a more vibrant selection of pinks and purples and incorporated the tear drop design as well as a series of unique, personal images which were taken on one of our content days.

With 3 clear revenue streams, we needed to give focus to the membership element of the site which includes a sign up and recurring payment integration. Living behind that paywall is a large library of content which will be regularly added to and is accessible on laptops and mobiles alike.

We then needed to make sure the coaching programmes and in-depth courses were clear, engaging and reflected the content. This included imagery and also a bespoke video we created specifically aimed at performing arts colleges.

With a lot of content it was imperative to ensure the site remained easy to use, giving members an easy route to sign up and log back in as well as a simple payment and enquiry page.

pow8r desktop website screenshot

The Outcome

The Mind and Wellness site is a modern, stylish membership website designed with the members in mind. It’s as easy to use on your laptop as it is on your mobile and supports a caring, motivated community of like minded people.

Hosted on our superfast server, the site has the space to grow and develop as Mind and Wellness grows and has full functionality and a manageable back end for Gemma to be able to make tweaks and add content when needed.

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