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Why Video Content Marketing is Vital for Your Business

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Video content is everywhere.

We can’t scroll on our phones for less than 30 seconds without laying eyes on some video content that leaves us either sad, happy or just downright confused.

If you’re a business owner and you’re not using video in your marketing strategy then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

In this post we’ll take a look at what video content marketing is, why it’s important as well as the pros and cons of it. 

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What is Video Content Marketing?

Video content marketing is when you use video content as a means to promote your business’ products and services. Companies use video to support their overall marketing plan. 

In the early days of video the quality of the content was questionable and you would have needed about 10 floppy disks to store the video content itself (remember those things?).

Thankfully we’ve moved on and video is of a high standard and can be stored very easily. No more stacks of floppy disks that take up vital storage space, yay! 

We’ve entered the age where the phones in our pockets can create video quality only experts back in the day could dream of. 

Evolving technology has catapulted video to the masses and has made it a mainstay in the marketing world. 

Why Video is So Important in Marketing

Video has infiltrated our lives from all angles. We can’t escape its dastardly clutches no matter how many cute puppy videos we try to avoid. 

Awww who doesn’t love a puppy video, eh?

Sorry we digress, blame the videos!

Although, as you can see this segways perfectly into our explanation of why video is so important in marketing.

Videos suck our attention. They lure us in like mice to cheese on a mousetrap. Then BAM, they have us trapped.

It’s for this very reason companies see video as an integral part of their marketing strategy.

The Advantages of Using Video Content Marketing

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of using video content marketing.

Can Increase Conversion Rates and Engagement

We live in a fast paced digital world where people want to exert as little energy as possible when scrolling through social media feeds.

They want to be entertained and shown exactly what they are after.

Nothing else does this better than a video. Which is why video tends to convert better and attract higher engagement figures.

Who doesn’t want that?! 

Great for SEO

Taking the time to optimise your video content for Google will help you climb the page rankings. Google is just like the rest of us, it loves video!

So much so that usually the top ranked searches are littered with quality video content. Creating an engaging video that solves your customers problems could be your one way ticket to a page one ranking! 


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Can Tap into a Customers Emotion

Tap into your audience’s emotions like nothing else using the power of video.

Think about it. 

Video has the ability to tap into our deepest emotions.

Think about when you watched the film Titanic and you cried your heart out at the end when Jack dies after saving Rose. 

Whoops spoiler alert!

If you can make a video relatable to your audience and draw some emotion out of them you can influence them. After all, people buy on emotion not logic.  

Videos Are Shared More

Ever hear the term ‘going viral’?

Well this is what happens when a video gets shared so many times that it seems like everyone on God’s green earth has seen it.

Some videos get billions of views which is mind blowing when you really think about it. It seems like there is a new viral video every week as our inboxes get flooded with new shared videos constantly.  

Videos are easy to share and easy to consume which makes them the perfect viral concoction!  

Attention Grabbing

Video grabs people’s attention better than any other content if done correctly. You’ll need a killer thumbnail and video title to get that initial click but once they’re watching a video you can really gain a person’s attention.

This is the reason that TikTok has really taken off as well as YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels. These feeds are full of fun and engaging videos that lead people to spend ungodly hours on a particular platform.

Great news for businesses who use video content marketing, bad news for students who need to get off their phone and study for their final year exams!

The Disadvantages of Using Video Content Marketing

Now let’s take a closer look at the disadvantages of using video content marketing.

Can be Time Consuming Creating High Quality 

Time is money as they say!

Like any piece of high quality content it can take quite a bit of time to create. Although, if it is yielding the desired results then you could argue that it is worth the time.

Some smaller scale companies may not have the time available which is why they might choose to outsource their video content marketing.   

Investment in Equipment

While you don’t necessarily need a huge investment to create high quality videos (your phone is enough), if you want studio level production then you’ll need to invest a bit more money into proper resources.

The more you invest then the higher quality you can create.

But don’t be fooled by thinking you need to produce studio quality videos to achieve great results.

On the contrary some of the most successful videos online have been done using nothing but a mobile phone camera and some half decent lighting.

Phew, we don’t all need to be at the Quentin Tarantino level after all.

Someone taking a video

Video Content Marketing at Blaze Media

So now you know why video is important but don’t worry if you haven’t got the time  – or energy – to produce video content for your business…we have specialist videographers, animators and editors who can help you!  

Contact us today and let us know about your upcoming projects.

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