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6 Tips for Writing an Effective Headline For Your Copy

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Headlines have the power to pull someone’s attention away from what they are doing. Which is why an effective headline is worth its weight in gold.

You could argue that a headline is the most important part of any written content. That’s because it’s the first bit of copy someone will see before reading any further.

If your headline is effective then it will entice the reader to read further. Meaning you have more chances of converting them into customers. 

Even if your main copy was unbelievably written, it’s basically worthless if it doesn’t have the right headline to draw people in.

Imagine your main copy as a fishing rod and the hook on the end of the line as your headline. That’s why headlines are sometimes referred to as ‘hooks’ in the marketing world.

Unfortunately it has nothing to do with the fictional villain Captain Hook

That would be way cooler if it was, I know.

Okay, now we’ve talked about why your headline is so important. Let’s look at how to write an effective one using these 6 tips.

How to Write an Effective Headline

Writing an effective headline can be done using these 6 tips!

1. Use Numbers 

Like we did for this blog post.

See we practice what we preach!

The reason numbers work so well is because numbers offer structure and our brains LOVE structure. Your brain can easily organise information when numbers are used.  

Numbers can also easily express how much value a person can expect to receive from your content. Imagine your headline was ‘11 Ways You Can Make Money Fast’. Someone reading this might think to themselves ‘11 is a lot of value, I must investigate this’.

Numbers work, it’s as simple as that. 

Type any query into Google and you will see numbers in most of the search results. Just like the example shown below.

2. Ask a Question

Not every headline needs to be a question but using them can be an excellent way to grab attention.

When people scroll through their phone and see a question that resonates with them they will subconsciously answer it. If your headline does this then someone will more than likely take notice and investigate further. 

A lot of the times when someone is searching online they are usually looking for an answer to their problem. 

They want to find a solution.

Make sure your question has the appropriate answer to follow. 

Just don’t ask any silly questions whatever you do! 

3. Use Fewer Words (If Possible)

Headlines need to be short and sweet when possible.

You want the reader to be able to read it quickly whilst they browse. Otherwise they might not take the time to try and read it.

Short and snappy headlines should get your message across using a few words but also be persuasive.

Let’s look at an example:

Bad example – ‘Use these 5 methods to brighten your teeth and whiten them also’

Good example – ‘5 tips for having a brighter, whiter smile’

Notice the difference?

Both headlines get across the same message but one does it quicker than the other.

4. Be Super Specific

If you try and talk to everyone then you’ll end up talking to no one. 

That may be a direct quote from someone but we’ll just pretend that we coined that one!

One of the most important things to remember in marketing is specificity.

Your message and marketing in general needs to be aimed at a specific audience. If it isn’t then it won’t be able to cut through the noise. 

Your headline is no different.

If you want to attract a 50 year old woman who lives in a 3 bedroom apartment with 12 cats then your message needs to resonate with her.

If your message is more in line with a 25 year old male history student then the cat lady isn’t going to buy it!

Get specific and remember your purrrrr-pose.

See what we did there??

typing a headline

5. Don’t be Overly Clickbaity 

It’s easy to get sucked into the clickbait fad.

It seems like the more outrageous the headline then the higher the CTR’s (click through rates). 

But there is an issue with clickbait headlines.

If you have a headline that is overhyped and essentially under delivers in the body of content then you’ll show your brand in a negative light.

Overpromising and under delivering is what clickbait is.

You want to over deliver on your content.

So if you use headlines that promise juicy content then you better make sure you over deliver that content!

Clickbait is a good tactic to use but as long as you can back up what you’re promising!

6. Simple is Better Than Clever

If you can’t explain it to a 12 year old then it’s not worth writing about. 

You want to explain things as simply as possible in terms of marketing your business. The more simple the explanation, the less brain power needed to work things out. 

Our brains are already frazzled most of the day with the busy lives people lead now. If you can make things that bit easier for people to understand then there’s more chance of a reaction.

‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough’ – Albert Einstein.

If Albert said it then it must be true, eh?

typing headline

Crafting Effective Copy at Blaze Media

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