Camper Camper

See How we Brought in 2294% More Sales to Camper Camper

The Brief

Camper Camper came to us partway through running a giveaway campaign on their organic socials and meta ads. 

They weren’t happy with the amount of sales they had up to that point and needed an expert to take over ASAP before the end of the campaign.

So of course they called up their friendly neighbourhood Meta-experts to help them optimise their campaign.

The Process

Once we had access to Camper Camper’s Meta ads account we realised a few issues straight away that could contributed to the poor results of the campaign up until this point. 

Although there were no mistakes in how the ads were set up and run, they were not optimised for the best results on the current Meta Ad Algorithm. To rectify this we:

  • Turned off poor performing ad sets and restructured the budget.
  • Turned off cross competing ads.
  • Created Blazified creative ad copy.
  • Improved ad tracking.
  • Updated high-performing ads with new copy.
  • Created a high-performance remarketing campaign.
  • Ran 30% off discount ads.
  • Created attention-grabbing ad headlines.

Knowing that organic content can help ads perform, we also took some videos that got good engagement from Camper Campers socials to use on ads.

We tested many different ad copy styles including counting down days left till the end of the campaign, how many tickets have been sold and general (but humorous) sales copy. This helped identify which resonated best with their audience.

Constantly monitoring not only the on platforms cost per sale but the cost per click, click through rate and CPM.

The Results

On the last day of the campaign, Camper Camper sold over 1,200 tickets for their giveaway through our meta ads alone.

At the end of the campaign, we were able to increase the daily spend on the account by over 1000% whilst halving the cost per sale.



8300 Additional Sales

Cost Per Sale


More Effective Ads



Higher Returns

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