See How we Added Over £150,000 Sales from Paid Social Media Ads

The Brief

Gypsabella is an e-commerce store that sells the latest fashion trends in women’s clothing.

After building an amazing brand presence they wanted to take the next step and take a paid ads approach.

Gypsabella were ready to scale and they wanted our expertise. 

They had limited experience running Meta ads so we couldn’t wait to take the reigns and take this brand to the top where it belongs!

The Process

Firstly, we helped them organise their Meta business manager to ensure they had full ownership of all their assets which includes their ads manager, Instagram page and Meta pixel.

We then ensured their Meta pixel was correctly installed on their site to enable us to track customers through every step of the checkout process and accurately report revenue.

Due to Gypsabella’s fast turnover of stock and products, we started running Advantage + shopping campaigns with all products pulled from the Gypsabella website, followed by sales and best sellers.

We then implemented images and videos showing off Gypsabella’s products. 

We needed to design content that didn’t distract from how eye-catching and unique Gypsabella’s products were.

Once results were steady, we decided to scale by creating a new campaign specifically for a completely cold audience, this is what we like to call a ‘Brand Building Campaign’.

The Outcome

In our Brand Building Campaigns, we’re not just selling products.

We’re selling the brand and educating a cold audience on what Gypsabella is and why they should be a part of it.

We saw great results from this and Gypsabella gained over 800 first-time customers per month since its launch.



Increase Year-on-Year



Increase Year-on-Year



Cost Per Sale




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