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What’s the point in having the very best product or service out there if no one actually knows it exists? We’ll get the word out there and help you shoot to the top of Google with our expert, data-driven approach to Google Ads.

What’s The Big Deal When It Comes To Google Ads?

Within the paid search industry, Google Ads is king and it’s not even a close fight. As of 2021, 92.5% of all search engine queries are made on Google.

So, how can we help you get to the top in Liverpool's competitive market? Our paid search team makes this happen by deep diving into you and your business before using the Google Ads platform to target specific keywords related to your niche. We’ll then create an engaging set of ads that are constantly tracked and tweaked to avoid ad fatigue!

If you’re worried that this will cost you a fortune then don’t panic – because Google Ads works off pay-per-click advertising, you’re only charged by Google when someone actually clicks your ad.

And by only making your ads visible to people actively searching for a product or service that you offer, we make you visible to people with ‘high purchasing intent’ – those that are most likely to buy from you, or at least enter your sales funnel.

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Google Shopping For E-Commerce Clients

If you’re into e-commerce then we can go one step further and set up Google Shopping ads for your products so that they’re more eye-catching to potential customers than standard text ads.

Google Shopping ads are adverts that highlight one of your products with its price, an image, and other additional features.

This means someone has already seen your product and its price before they even hit your website. These super-hot leads are more likely to turn to sales and generate a very healthy return on investment.

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Conversions Not Clicks for PPC in Liverpool

The first hurdle for paid search marketing is being found by someone who needs exactly what you do. Once that’s out of the way then the next step is for them to become a paying customer.

To do this, we can create bespoke landing pages that hook your visitors in with engaging content, stunning graphics, a great offer, and a simple call to action to make it super easy for them to buy from or contact you.

We’ll also take an in depth look at what your competitors are doing with their PPC ads in Liverpool and present a detailed plan of what you need to do to reach your maximum potential.

Our campaign set up is second to none and constant optimisation ensures that every penny of your marketing budget is spent wisely whether it’s a few hundred pounds a month to a 6 figure spend.

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Why Choose Blaze Media For Your Paid Search Campaigns in Liverpool?

We don’t just optimise for good keywords that trigger your business’s ads to appear. We optimise for what your business needs: more sales and leads.

And to prove we can walk the walk, we recently generated over 950 leads in 9 months for a law firm in the London area who came from having 0 leads through their own website.

The firm had a housing disrepair division and wanted to start generating their own leads so they could help more people living in council or housing association homes which have fallen into disrepair and haven’t been fixed, leaving them out of pocket or seriously ill.

We created a landing page and ad campaign which ensured that when someone in their target audience searched “no win no fee housing disrepair solicitor” or “problems with my housing”, for example, their ads would appear at the top of Google.

They could then click through to the dedicated site and make an enquiry in a matter of minutes then they just had to sit back and wait for the solicitors to contact them and help them resolve the situation.

If you can handle this kind of upturn in business then we’re ready to help you! Get in touch with our paid search team right now!

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PPC is the acronym for ‘pay-per-click’ – a paid advertising strategy whereby you only pay when people interact with your ad through impressions or click.

It’s most commonly used within the realms of paid search ads on Google and, when done correctly, can earn you quality leads which convert into a profitable Return on Investment (ROI).

Yes, paid search includes all forms of Google Ads where you have to pay when your ads are clicked.

This includes Google Text ads and Google Shopping ads.

When it comes to Google Ads and SEO there are a couple of significant differences; both of which can play to your strengths depending on what kind of business you have, what you offer and where you are located.

1 - Paid ads always appear at the top of the page – above the organic results which are influenced by SEO. With around four ads on desktop and three on mobile, users will always see your paid search ads, even if they choose to scroll past them.

2 – SEO is technically free whereas you pay for PPC. Why technically? Well SEO takes time and with search engines constantly changing their algorithms, you need to keep on top of these updates otherwise your site will lose ground.

You might be wondering why you would ever pay for ads when you can hit up your audience organically through SEO – well, keywords have become increasingly competitive which makes it harder for a business that doesn’t have the domain authority to get into the top rankings.

That doesn’t mean you should forget about SEO, in fact PPC in Liverpool and SEO work best when used simultaneously.

Results are improved by implementing both paid and organic methods so, if you want high-growth, aggressive marketing, then you need to develop a holistic search engine strategy rather than look at SEO or PPC in isolation.

Google Ads work by targeting people with a high intent in what you have to offer. These people are easier to get to your website and turn into a lead or a sale.

Think about the last time you needed a plumber. You most probably went to Google and searched something along the lines of 'plumber near me', and saw the most relevant paid searches appear at the top.

This is exactly what our Blaze Media team does, we make you visible on Google when someone searches for your product or service. Bringing you high quality traffic with intent.

When it comes to monitoring the success of a paid search campaign, data is king. We use data to keep on top of your campaign to make sure your ads are attracting the right people and that your spend is in line with your budget.

The most straightforward measurement is conversions. Conversions can track any action a brand will find valuable – you determine what this is and it could be anything from someone filling in a form to an actual sale.

In order to monitor conversions, you will need to make sure your web host can support the relevant conversion tracking code and you will need the ability to install the code to your website.

Other metrics that we constantly monitor include:

  • The number of clicks – this is the total number of clicks you receive on your ad. This metric is affected by your keyword selection and the relevance of your ad copy.
  • Cost per click (CPC) – this measures the price you pay for each click on your ad.

Here's what our clients have said about us

Proven Track Record

"Track record of results. Highly recommend the team at Blaze Media."

Citrus Electrical

Invaluable Advice

"Blaze have given me and my business invaluable help and advice with social media marketing and ads. Paul and his team are highly recommended!"

Al Mortgage Solutions

Highly Recommended

"Paul takes the time to understand what you want and comes up with helpful and practical suggestions. I highly recommend Blaze Media."

The Silver Consultants

Amazing results

"Within the first week, our website traffic increased by 17% and our overall SEO rankings shot up 32%."


Expert Knowledge

"Paul and his team at Blaze Media are very approachable, patient and above all clearly experts in their field."

Fox Information Technology Ltd

Great Communication

"From the brief, to the launch, every step of the way they kept in touch with what they were doing, Couldn't have asked any more of them, and thoroughly recommend them for any work."

Dave Byrom - K Cycles

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge

We will strive to support as many local charities and organisations as possible, donating money from contracts we take on and time from our team to help give back to our local communities.

We will support our team, students and job seekers to unlock and achieve their potential through a range of training initiatives and mentoring programmes.

We will demonstrate an ethical, sustainable and transparent business as we grow and help others to grow.

We will continue to act with the interests of our planet at the front of our mind. Planting trees, limiting car use, promoting alternative travel solutions, recycling, upcycling and encouraging the team to have at least one meat free day a week.

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