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What are TikTok Spark Ads?

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While the name might sound crazy and exciting, don’t let Spark Ads intimidate you when you want to start advertising your business on TikTok!

Basically, Spark Ads are just a type of in-feed TikTok advert. A user organically scrolling through the app will occasionally be shown a Spark Ad, similar to Video Shopping Ads, but dissimilar to Brand Takeover ads.

Spark Ads are particularly well suited to collaboration between your business and big names on TikTok, whether it be brands or individual content creators. The reason for this is because you can take current well performing organic posts, whether they are on your profile or on another profile if you are given permission, and turn them into adverts.

Interested? Stick around to see what else we have to say on Spark Ads!

Why you should use TikTok Spark Ads

TikTok state that Spark Ads outperform non-Spark Ads when it comes to multiple KPIs such as completion rate, engagement, CVR (conversion rate), and CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

And it actually makes quite a bit of sense when you sit down and get to the bottom of why Spark Ads are so successful.

By taking content that has already proven itself as popular through trending organically, your Spark Ad is able to leverage this content (and the all-important algorithmic statistics behind it) to market for your business.

Simply take one of your own posts that’s doing well (which you should have if you followed our tips to making the best TikToks!) or ask for permission to use someone else’s post, attach a custom call to action, write a caption, and select your audio and away you go.

Unlike non-Spark Ads, when a user presses your profile picture or name, they will be taken to your TikTok page. If a user clicks your call to action or the TikTok caption, then they will instead be taken to your dedicated landing page.

This differs from non-Spark Ads because any interactions with them will take the user to your landing page. This means that users can interact with your ad more organically, so those who are choosing to answer your call to action are more inclined to follow through with the conversion. As well, this means that you can really curate your TikTok page to be a funnel for sales because you know that you will have TikTok users taken from their own feed to your profile where they can view more of your content.

Spark Ads step by step

A great thing about Spark Ads is how easy they are to set up and get running! If you’re used to navigating around TikTok Ads Manager then you’ll have no problems.

Select your content

Like we’ve said, this can either be one of your own TikToks or it could be somebody else’s. If you want to use other people’s content then make sure it is relevant to your business.

If you start promoting adverts with content that does not match your own brand guidelines then you can run the risk of confusing or alienating your audience. It should go without saying that this is not what you want!

TikTok should be a place for fun and creativity, yet keep it in tone with your own values that your brand is trying to be known for.

Ad authorisation code

If you are using your own content then you can view the content you want to use and then click the ‘…’ button to open up a settings screen.

Head to ‘Ad Settings’, and turn ‘ad authorisation’ on. Then, you can generate a code that is unique to that piece of TikTok content, which you will then upload into the TikTok Ad Manager to turn it into a Spark Ad.

If you are using someone else’s content, then you will need to ask them for their ad authorisation code for you to proceed.

Press ‘…’ button
Ad settings
Ad authorisation code

Creative and targeting

From here on out it’s business as usual when it comes to creating your advert.

You’ll log into your TikTok Ads dashboard and see a ‘new’ icon next to Spark Ads, this will be the content generated through your ad authorisation code.

Next, figure out what ad groups and campaigns you want to run your Spark Ads through. It’s recommended that each Spark Ad has its own specific ad group to maximise click through rate.

You can then view the content and change the music and caption, and also assign your desired call to action.

And that’s all there is to it!

We told you, don’t be put off by a new name or unique approach! If you know how to run ads then you should back yourself to doing well with TikTok ads.

If you aren’t familiar with running paid ads, then you’re in the right place! Here at Blaze Media, we run paid adverts for our clients on Google and social media (including TikTok) and generate profits through bringing large returns on investment.

Interested? Get in touch today! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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