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9 Ways to Increase Ad Performance on TikTok

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In feed ads on TikTok are a great way to increase the visibility of your brand, considering that TikTok has over one billion monthly active users on its platform!

Even if your business targets demographics that you might not immediately think are on TikTok (because TikTok’s for dancing teenagers, right?), you might just be surprised to hear that 32% of all TikTok users are between the ages of 25 and 34.

By showing these users in feed ads for your business, what you’re doing is positioning yourself within their organic feed. As they’re scrolling through TikTok watching videos of puppies or people lip-syncing, they’ll see your advert and (hopefully!) be blown away by its amazing creative so much that they stop scrolling and see what you have to offer.

If this sounds like it might be hard to do, we’ve got nine things for you to keep in mind to get yourself off to a great start!

Make sure you use audio

You need to be using sound in your ads to captivate your audience. 100% of all TikTok ads use sound, and TikTok themselves describe TikTok as a ‘sound-on experience’.

If you don’t want to worry about copyright looming over your business, ready to slam down at any waiting minute, then why not take a look through TikTok’s catalogue of copyright free music and sound effects within their audio library?

Adverts using music with a fast beat above 120BPM often encourages a higher view-through-rate (VTR) than videos using slower or no music whatsoever.

P.S., view-through-rate means the amount of people who watched an advert from the beginning to the end out of all the people who were shown it!


Front load your ads

Get in there straight away with your product or key message that you are trying to promote. Of the ads with the best click-through-rates (CTR) on TikTok, 63% of them presented their key message within the first three seconds.

If you’re straight to the point then this makes it immediately clear what your advert is for and explains why people should stay along for the whole duration of your ad.

The trick is to do so in a way that creates a story that is relatable for your audience. Remember, people don’t like seeing adverts – they want to see TikToks.

Use TikTok Creator Marketplace

Struggling to come up with content ideas? No worries! Because 53% of the best performing TikTok ads are made by TikTok content creators.

Some the best influencers on TikTok can be found in the TikTok Creator Marketplace where you can hire them to create content for your business.

You can have as much or as little say in the content as you wish, which you can hash out between you both when you enter negotiations, but we suggest leaving them with a lot of creative freedom. After all, there’s a reason why they’re doing so well on TikTok.

They’ll know what works and what doesn’t, and they’ll be able to tie your brand in with any relevant trends that are popular on TikTok to give them the best chance at performing well.

Jump on the bandwagon

Speaking of trends, 21% of ads on TikTok with the best VTR make use of popular trends. This could be through the use of effects, music, narrative, or editing style.

By referencing popular TikTok trends with your adverts, what you are doing is creating a short-hand with the viewer. There will be a layer of depth within your advert that has meaning to them, showing the viewer that you’re speaking the same language as them. The language of TikTok!

Plus, trends are fun and great for engagement. If your advert is using a viral trend then it has a greater chance of being shared by people who see it.


Be real (or really funny)

The content that does the best on TikTok is light-hearted and relatable. This is shown by 47% of TikTok Ads with the best VTRs falling into the categories of ‘real’ and ‘entertaining’.

Your content should be relatable for your audience because at the end of the day you’re trying to sell them something. If they can’t relate to your content, then they won’t relate to your brand. And if they don’t relate to your brand then why would they relate to what you’re selling?

As well, you should try and do this in a jovial way. Now this doesn’t mean that your content can’t touch on serious things. Far from it. Just keep a positive approach to what narrative you’re trying to create and you’ll be much more emotionally appealing to the people who use TikTok.

And remember – in comedy, never punch down!

Create vertical adverts

It should go without saying that TikTok ads should be vertical. But if it doesn’t then we should inform you that the 6 second watch through rate for ads that are shot vertically increases by 25%.

TikTok is a vertical app – to flick between videos, you swipe up and down on your screen. If your advert is suddenly horizontal then this change will be jarring and off-putting for your viewer.

Vertical videos fill the whole screen and add an element of authenticity to your content which makes it look more like an organic video than an advertisement.

Address the audience

While there should be a solid narrative in your content, it is far from cinema! So don’t be afraid to break the fourth wall. In fact, of the highest performing TikTok ads, 33% of them break the fourth wall by addressing the audience directly.

This doesn’t have to be as on the nose as the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. You could use text overlays to pose direct questions to the audience, or walk them through how to use your product/how your product can help them.

Asking questions also encourages responses which can increase your engagement rate and make your adverts more memorable.


Use textual overlays

While on the subject of overlays, 40% of TikTok ads with the highest VTR use some form of textual overlays.

This can be presented in a number of ways. Either use concise segments of text that add relevant and key information to the points that you’re making through audio, or provide your viewer with a full transcript.

A complete transcript makes your content more accessible, and also means people using TikTok without volume can understand your advert.

End with a compelling hook

As should be the case with all adverts, end with a solid call to action. 50% of TikTok ads with the highest CTR make sure to use a hook at the end.

Like with a clear start, a call to action at the end makes it clear to the person watching what you want them to do next. On TikTok, you can pick what call to action button you want to use from a large list from app download to website visit and more.

Also consider using an offer if it makes sense for your business. Ending with a limited time offer is very effective at getting people to do what you want them to!

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