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The Benefits of Blogging for your Business

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Blogging used to be seen as a way of posting personally written content online, more like a digital diary.

But as time went on businesses started to see the value in setting up a blog on their site and publishing consistently.

Blogging can be part of strengthening an SEO strategy and the overall digital marketing strategy as well.

But what are the actual benefits of blogging for a business?

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Here are our top 5 reasons we think it’s important to blog for your business:

1. Allows You to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

The more you post blogs the better chance you have of gaining more visitors to your site. Blogging can increase your web traffic for free – if done correctly!

All you need to do is some keyword research and create quality content for your audience to enjoy.

When people search for answers to their problems online, your perfectly crafted blog post can appear in front of their very eyes.

No, it’s not magic, it’s something even more powerful, known as Google’s algorithm. 

2. Helps Convert Traffic into Leads

When you post blogs to your site you’re actually posting resources for your audience. Well, that’s what you should be doing.

If you’re still posting personal diary updates then I think it’s time to start focusing on something that will drive your business forward.

When you post content that your audience wants, you have the opportunity to turn them from a potential client into a paying customer.

After all, people do business with those that they trust. 

What better way to build trust than with an exquisitely designed and eloquently written article that will leave them breathless from the sheer value which permeates from it?

Too much? Okay, you’re probably right, but you get the picture.

Deliver value.

Build trust.

Convert the sale.

It’s as simple as that.

3. Free Way to Promote Your Business

Promoting your business in today’s world has never been easier.

If it was back in the day and you owned a brick-and-mortar business you would probably need to buy a space in the newspaper to promote your business effectively.

Nowadays there are endless ways to promote your business and when you post blogs these can help with promotional opportunities.

All you need to do is:

  1. Blog about current topics and affairs within your industry.
  2. Then seek out reporters and media outlets which cover your industry.
  3. Send them your blogs and see if they want to make reference to them on their channels.

And there you have it, free promotion for your business with the power of blogging.

Your business will be on CNN in no time, you’ll see!

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4. Helps Nurture Relationships 

Nurturing relationships is vital for business.

Some people may decide to do business with you right away, but others may need a little more convincing.

Which is totally fine. 

That’s just the nature of things.

For those people who are sitting cosily on the fence about your business, they can be won over eventually.

All you need to do is provide them with endless value which will make them accustomed to your brand and its values.

Then, they won’t be able to resist.

They will see you as the answer to their problems because you have persisted in their minds.

Like a Jedi mind trick, only this is real life and not a galaxy far far away!

5. Shows Your Business as an Authority 

Your brand will be seen as an authority within your industry when blogging consistently.

Not only will the blogs have to be consistent though, they must be relevant and of a high quality.

Being an authority in your industry means that you’re the source of truth people turn to when they are looking for information.

When a business has an authority blog it gives their brand credibility and they start to build a loyal following.

Think of it as building a sort of cult.

But less, well, culty.

Maybe cult isn’t the best word to use, let’s just go with fanbase.

Sounds much better. 

Why is it Important to Post to a Blog Regularly

Blogging consistently is one of the best ways to promote your business for free and increase engagement on your website.

It also has a compound effect on your overall website success.

If you can stick to a consistent blog schedule then you can continue to reap the benefits that we have mentioned above.

Just posting for a month or two here or there isn’t going to cut it. 

You need to be consistent for the results to show.

Consistency is key, as they say!

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Blaze Media – Blogging Done Right for Businesses

These blogging benefits highlight the power that blogging can have for your business. The problem is that most businesses tend to neglect their blog.

This gives you, as a business owner an opportunity to capitalise on this. That’s where we can assist you. 

At Blaze Media, we work with businesses across a variety of industries to provide them with blog content that keeps their audience engaged and coming back for more.

If you currently don’t have a blog then we can help by creating one! 
Contact us today and we can get a water-tight blogging strategy put in place just for you!

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