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How we increased sales by 65% and organic traffic by 125% in 7 Months

The Brief

Our client, who works in the aesthetics industry, approached us asking for help to market her brand-new website. As she was interested in long-term gains, we suggested utilising SEO to grow their organic traffic. When we started this client had thin content, no domain authority and no organic traffic. They were also operating in a competitive niche.

So, how did we increase their traffic and sales so significantly?


The Process

Month 1 & 2: Technical SEO

When we get a new client, we like to make their website crawlable for search engines. Here’s a list of what we did to improve the crawl budget for this website:

  • Removed duplicate content and redirected
  • the old URLs to the new unique pages.
  • Removed duplicate page titles to prevent
  • keyword cannibalisation.
  • Changed the structure of website.
  • Improved the speed of the website.

Month 3: On-page SEO and User Experience

Once we created strong foundations for the website, the next step was to give every page a purpose, create amazing content and build topical authority in the aesthetics niche. Here’s what we did:

  • Conducted keyword research from where we chose high search volume, mid competition keywords that we believed our client could realistically rank for.
  • Update website meta tags to target keywords.
  • De-indexed pages with thin content (provides no value to user or search engine)
  • Created website alt tags to target keywords.
  • Added valuable content to meet users’ search intent on key pages.
  • Posted regular blogs that target buying intent keywords.
  • Internally linked to important pages to pass authority and give context of the page.
  • Focussed on the User Experience (UX) for the best performing blog posts in order to generate leads.
  • Refreshed old content.

Month 4-7: Off-page SEO

Once we started to see the impact of having a crawlable website with great content and awesome UX, it was time to build some domain authority so we could compete for the spots on the money-making keywords. Here’s how we did that:

  • Requested removal for poor quality backlinks.
  • Anchor text analysis.
  • Signed up to several free website directories online.
  • Built high quality backlinks on relevant and trusted domains.
  • Webmasters created longform content and linked back to our client’s website.

The Outcome

With this client, we have seen a 123% increase in traffic and 65% increase in conversions across the 7 month period. SEO is a marathon not a race and, while there are some quick wins it’s important to have a good game plan laid out with realistic goals and expectations.



Increase Over 7 Months



Increase Over 7 Months

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