See How We Increased Organic Traffic by over 1.1 million over a 3 month period.

The Brief does what it says on the tin.

They sell pyjamas. 

With a lot of their sales being done on Amazon, they wanted to try and get more sales through their own website.

After coming in for an initial consultation, straight away we identified a few areas of improvement which could help increase their website sales.

Once we had these key areas identified it was time for our team to formulate a plan of action and get more pyjamas to more customers.     

Who doesn’t love a new set of fresh pj’s, eh?

The Process

First on the list was the website. Using SEMRush we could see what keywords the website was ranking for currently, and what potential keywords they could rank for going forward.

Using our findings we started to populate the entire site with new keywords we saw an opportunity to rank for. With a dated website we decided to sprinkle some of the Blaze Media magic onto it and we modernised the design.  

Now that the foundations were in place wanted to explore other options which could be used to boost their sales.

We decided that paid socials could be a very lucrative option for them so we started setting up campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. 

Email marketing was another option that needed to be explored as had a healthy email list which wasn’t being utilised. An opportunity our in house conversion copywriters couldn’t wait to grasp!

The Result

Due to the Blaze Media SEO strategy, have seen significant increases to their website users which has led to more relevant traffic to the transactional part of the site.

This has led to 1.11 million more impressions to transactional pages and 15,000 more clicks over a 3 month period compared year-on-year.

This equates to a 48% increase of both clicks and impressions.

Transactional Impressions

1.1 million

More impressions over a 3 month period

Transactional Clicks


More clicks over a 3 month period



Increase in impressions



Increase in clicks

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