Marylebone Smile Clinic

How we reduced a dental clinic's cost per lead by more than 60%

The Brief

When they came to us, Marylebone Smile Clinic was a brand new cosmetic dentistry in the heart of London, on famous Harley Street. It was launched by cosmetic dentist Dr. Sahil Patel – a dentist with a great reputation for carrying out top quality procedures on celebrities, sport stars and politicians. We decided to use Google Ads in order to generate high-quality leads for this cosmetic dentist practice once opened, targeting just people within a 30 mile radius of the London region.

The Process

The way we worked on this project changed over the months, which we do expect with a new business and we carried out a large level of testing and collaboration with the team at Marylebone Smile Clinic in order to get the quality & the quantity of leads coming in.

Within the world of dentists, veneers, composite bonding etc – there is a huge volume of search. Even just a slight change of wording can completely change the meaning of the search, or where a consumer finds themselves in their journey.

This meant having a very strict process on our keywords and being extremely proactive with adding in negative keywords in order to ensure our ads would not appear again where they shouldn’t. Additionally, we quickly implemented ‘themed’ responsive search ads, a new strategy we came up with in-house to adapt to the change of extended text ads. This saw massive increases in our click-through-rates on ads.

Finally, we added in performance max campaigns, to complement our Google Search campaigns – which would use our remarketing audiences and also to assist in raising brand awareness.

The Outcome

Over the last few months we have been able to reduce the cost per lead by 68.5% VS when we first launched with the campaign. Improving conversion rates by 0.96% across all campaigns within the account.

Working with the team we have also been able to increase conversion rates by using conversion rates optimisation which improved the on-page experience after the click. This included our web team adding in chat box automated software, which we then Set up conversion tracking on…this has massively helped improve on-page conversions and generate leads.

Cost per Lead


Reduced from campaign launch

Conversion Rates


Improved across all campaigns

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