Content Marketing

Content Writing

Content Writing is an incredibly important part of the digital marketing process. Having great quality written words for your Website, blogs, posts etc means it’s super engaging, informative and great for Search engine Optimisation (SEO)

Both your audience and Google love fresh content, it keeps people coming back to your business and bonds them to you. It also means Google’s search algorithm will rank your page higher than your competitors which is why we are all here isn’t it!

Blaze Media can take care of all your new or existing websites content writing. Making it concise and clear as well as being as SEO compliant as possible, with the correct keywords we need to get Google to take notice. The more relevant traffic we can get to your site the better the search engine rank and the more enquiries or leads you will receive!

woman holding a sign which mentions how important content is

The Importance of blogging!

Google, Bing and other search engines love blogs when indexing your website. Keywords, blog length and links to your blogs are all taken into account when ranking you.

Blogs also allow you to establish your brand’s personality to your potential clients or customers.

While the personal touch is great, not all of us business owners are amazing wordsmiths able to get the readers to hang on every word!

With that in mind… Blaze Media can take the process away from you and write weekly/monthly blogs for your business or indeed just edit the blogs you write yourselves to make them more search engine friendly.

Info Graphics & Beautiful images

A great picture, illustration or infographic can have an incredibly positive effect on a digital marketing campaign.

A top quality image can draw people into the rest of your output and a great infographic can be shared all over the web giving you credit and traffic to the site for months!

Our design team can create topical graphics which inform clients about new products or industry trends for you! Your brand awareness can get a huge boost from a great infographic and These can also be used not only online but also offline as posters in your offices etc.

The Cornerstone Of A Successful Marketing Campaign

Digital Content is the cornerstone of a successful digital marketing campaign.

‘Content Marketing’ is a buzzword heard around the industry all the time but lots of customers will tell us they don’t know what it means!

It’s Simple! Content marketing is the form of marketing all about creating, publishing and sharing quality content online for a targeted audience. 

It brings together all forms of digital content.

The Internet Loves Video

Video & animation: Video content is a huge part of many digital marketing campaigns. It can be something ad-hoc from the business owner about things that are pertinent to the market today or something more polished showing off a product which you are bringing to market soon.

Animations are also great for explainer videos showing potential clients how they could use your service\product in their own business

Blaze can create engaging video marketing content which is built in a way to not only draw people directly to your business but to keep people on your website longer while also reducing bounce rates and informing them about why they should keep returning back to you!