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Facebook Ads Campaign Structure

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Ready to start advertising on Facebook? You’ve come to the right place!

Today we’re going to bring you some must-know information if you want to run the best adverts on Facebook – or on any other Meta platform such as Instagram.

Some of this information will help you make very well optimised ads that give you the best chance at seeing a return on ad spend (ROAS), while some information will be important for you to even get started making any of your ads live.

Either way, if you stick around and see what we have to say then we’re sure that you’ll learn something that will help you make your business money. Can’t go wrong with that!

Meta ads campaign overview

What we’re going to discuss today is the overall structure of advertising on Facebook and where individual ads sit within this, as opposed to the writing of the adverts themselves. It’s important that you can understand the complete structure as a whole because this will give you the best chance at success when running your ads.

In fact, the actual individual adverts sit at the very bottom of Facebook’s three tier ad structure. The components of this structure are as follows:

  1. Campaign
  2. Ad set
  3. Ad

If you want the SparkNotes overview of the structure, then it’s a little bit something like this:

  • Campaigns are where you decide on what the goals and objectives are going to be for your adverts
  • Ad sets are where you decide on how your individual adverts will work to achieve your campaign objectives by assigning targeting and budget information
  • Ads are, well, ads! The people who you are marketing to will see them and hopefully click on them and become a conversion

And if you like having a bit more detail than SparkNotes provides (no offence, SparkNotes), then don’t worry because we’ve still got you covered.


Campaigns are very important to advertising on Facebook. When set up correctly, they will measure how successful your adverts have been and also play their part in optimising the performance of your ads.

The key to setting up a campaign is choosing the right objective. What objective is the right one, I hear you say. Well, the answer is: it depends!

There is no one-size-fits-all campaign for Facebook ads. While this might add a little bit of time onto how long it takes to get started with advertising your business, it’s definitely worth it.

For example, let’s say you want your campaign objective to target engagement. You wouldn’t want your adverts optimised for encouraging app installs, would you?

Fortunately, you aren’t forced into only using one single campaign at a time. You can make multiple campaigns, and within them will be multiple ad sets, and then within those will be multiple ads.

Advert sets

Think of ad sets as if they are the line manager for your adverts. They tell the advert what to do and make sure that it is doing it properly.

For example, you may have one advert that you really want to push and so you will assign that advert a higher budget using your ad set. Or you might have one advert that targets a different demographic to your other ads, and so you will set your targeting information to do this in your ad set. It’s all very clever.

What’s good about this is that it helps with A/B testing. You can tinker with your ad settings for different versions of the same ad and see what set is more effective. Likewise, you could use different adverts within the same ad set so that you know any difference in performance can be assigned to the ad itself.


Finally, adverts. These speak for themselves, really. We’ve all seen social media adverts in 2022.

But in terms of how they fit into your Facebook ad structure, adverts (specifically what’s known as ‘ad creative’) contain the persuasive content to encourage your target audience to click your ad.

This ad creative can be copy, it can be images, it can be videos. There is plenty of choice when it comes to creating Meta ads.

For ads containing creative, create multiple ads in each ad set to optimise delivery based on different images, links, video, text, or placements.

One of the most important elements of your ad is the call to action. These are different instructions that you can give to your target audience based on what you want them to do.

Want people to come to your event? Your call to action should be ‘book now’ or ‘buy a ticket’. Want people to ring you for a quote? Try using the ‘call now’ or ‘get quote’ call to actions.

Call to actions are pre-set on Facebook and you’ll find them when creating your ads in Facebook Ads Manager. Your choice is limited by what campaign objective you choose, as some call to actions are only appropriate for certain objectives.

Facebook ads best practices at Blaze Media

And that’s all there is to it! Well, there’s actually a lot more to it, such as writing the best ads possible or where boosting posts fits into this, but you catch our drift!

If you’d like a bit of help with running and tracking your social media ads, then get in touch with our paid media team here at Blaze Media (this is our call to action!) You won’t be disappointed!

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