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Whether you're a law firm that is preparing to break into digital for the first time, or you already have an online presence that you want to make work harder for you, you'll need a digital agency that is experienced in the sector.

With Blaze Media, you get just that - and so much more. As a full-service, award winning agency, we'll work together to deliver and execute a holistic marketing strategy designed to help you win more clients.

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Digital Marketing for Solicitors

Why Should Solicitors Choose Blaze Media?

Most people look for solicitors the same way they look for any other business, online! So, if your online presence isn't up to scratch or isn't written in plain English then you could be missing out on a lot of revenue.

We've worked with a number of solicitors with various degrees of specialisms so we know what works and what doesn't. We know how to write for your target audience, what creatives work and where to find the most potential clients to help you grow your company.

It's not just about increasing your visibility and profitability, we're also about doing better for our local community and the planet. Working with us enables us to donate more to our charity partner Love, Jasmine as well as invest in more sustainability projects through Ecologi.

Learn more about our think big, do better ethos.

So, if you want to become the go-to law firm then choosing the go-to digital agency will put you ahead of your competition.

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Established Southport and Liverpool solicitors, Brown Turner Ross, came to us for help when they were ready to refresh their digital strategy and offer new services for their customers. They wanted long-term results, so investment in SEO was the right decision for them.

They wanted to increase their local visibility on Google as well as increase the number of leads coming in for personal injury and divorce claims. Specifically, these leads needed to be highly relevant with the best chance of becoming successful, high-ticket conversions.

We created content that demonstrated expertise, authority, and trust which is paramount to success online. What's more, our content was based on whole topic "content-silos" as opposed to just targeting individual keywords.

In less than 12 months, their organic traffic increased by 1100% which was helped by the fact that we consistently ranked at the top of Google for the query "solicitors" in their target areas of Southport and Liverpool. This took their monthly users from 1,231 to 14,782.

Most importantly, with this increase in traffic came an increase in relevant, qualified leads. Bringing about a 200% increase in leads was a great measure of success for us, and helped them dive straight into their new personal injury and divorce law offerings.



Atticus Law is an established firm operating out of Manchester. They were running paid ad campaigns on Google but weren't seeing results that they were happy with.

Their cost per lead was too high, and not enough of them were actually turning into conversions - a bad combination. They were also having issues with tracking their campaign performance and frequently lost leads as a result.

Paid advertising was right for them, but their current strategy wasn't so our first job was to do an audit to see exactly where the problems lay.

From there we streamlined their campaign structure. Previously, they had 101 different campaigns. We scrapped this, and instead created a strategy that revolved around a single campaign, making sure to create well-optimised creatives to boost conversions.

We also were able to fix their conversion tracking, so that we could provide accurate reports on leads that were coming through the site.

The result? A reduction in cost per lead of £57.02, and an increase of 5.83% to their conversion rate, a massive improvement from their previous campaign results.



SJS Legal are one of Liverpool city centre's best up-and-coming law firms, with legal experts who have over 20 years' worth of experience in civil litigation. They wanted to get the jump on an upcoming market trend in their sector: Plevin PPI claims.

The biggest issue with this was the general public's lack of knowledge of Plevin claims and how they differ from traditional PPI claims. To combat this, we recommended the use of paid social campaigns on Facebook so we could educate potential customers through engaging copy and creatives.

With a strategy like this, you have to constantly test and refine your message over time so we kept innovating and tracking every element of their campaign to the point where we ended up reducing their cost per click by 111.2% and increasing their number of leads by 26%.

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Google is the first place that the majority of people turn to when they have legal issues. By being visible on Google, you can establish authority for your brand and be there at the exact moment potential clients, especially local ones, need you.

By optimising your site with relevant content, not only are you proving yourself to Google - you are proving yourself to your customers. Positioning yourself as an expert and thought leader with specialist knowledge of your sector makes you more attractive than your competitors.

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Organic social marketing is different to paid media. You need to be publishing great quality content and remain consistent across all of your brand's channels.

For a law firm, social media lets you communicate directly with your audience without the usual barrier between you. And, by gaining a community of people who are interested in what you have to say, you can increase your chance of seeing better responses when you do throw in a call to action.

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By using in-depth data profiles, we will create paid social marketing campaigns that are only shown to your target demographic. This gives you the best chance of seeing a high return on ad spend.

As time goes on, we keep tweaking the copy and creatives to further optimise your campaigns, tracking every element to ensure that your ads are as profitable as possible.

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Running Google Ads ensures that your business is one of the first to appear for relevant Google searches. If you want to push for a specific service then you can launch campaigns to drive targeted traffic.

What's more, you only pay when your advert is clicked. So if you have a well-optimised landing page then you have a better chance of converting any leads you have paid for by turning them into new clients.

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