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Copywriting is the backbone of all digital marketing – from your website to Google ad copy, sales literature or a landing page…it’s the words that can make or break your marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking to win more work or sell more products, raise awareness of your brand or grow your followers; whatever you goal is we have the talent and experience to help you make your mark in an ever-crowded online world.

Find Your Voice

There’s never been so many ways to market your business. Gone are the days of just radio, TV or newspapers, and while your writing style will be different on each platform you choose to use, your tone of voice must be consistent.

You need to speak to your target audience on their level and use clever positioning to win their engagement and their loyalty. Are you a brand that can get away with more edgy language or should you adopt a formal tone? There’s no generic right and wrong answer here, just what’s right for your company and your potential clients.

And beware of jargon and acronyms that no one understands – if you’re a solicitor then the chances are your website must appeal to every day people so the language you use shouldn’t be full of Latin words and complex phrases – it’s all about your reader’s experience.

From start-ups to established brands we can help you define or refresh your company voice and help you tell your story.

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Do I Need Copy Writing or Content Writing?

Is there a difference between copy writing and content writing? Yes, and both are important when it comes to getting your message across and climbing up the search engine rankings (SERPs).

Content writing is about adding value and generating engagement so blogs, social media, Linkedin articles and whitepapers all fall into content writing. It needs to be rich and leave the reader wanting to know more about you or the subject you’re writing about.

Copy writing is all about the sales so think the words on your website and in your sales presentations. It still needs to add value and be interesting, but the endgame is to generate sales or have readers follow a specific call to action.

Our expert team of experienced writers can take care of all content and copy writing projects. Implementing strategic values, keywords and key phrases, where needed, to help with your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Lost for words? We can help.

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Website & Landing Page Copywriting

Simply having a website isn’t enough, your site needs to be full of engaging copy which is written to help convince your visitors to buy from you.

The content forms the foundations of your business, shaping how users view, understand and engage with you. It helps them decide whether or not you’re the right company for them.

While the whole point of a site is to convince people to use your company, you need to demonstrate why they should go with you. Showcasing the benefits of your product and service, backed up with case studies, background information and anything else which may be relevant in converting visitors into customers.

And all of this needs to be done in the right tone and using the right language which appeals to the people who land on your site.

We understand the importance of your individual tone of voice and consistency across all of your platforms so we’ll work with you to create the best copy which truly reflects who you are and what you’re all about!

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SEO Copywriting with a User Experience Focus

If your aim to climb up through the Search Engine rankings then you need copy which is specifically written to do just that.

Taking into account who you are and what your target audience is searching for is a key part of SEO copywriting; it’s not just about the number of words you put on a page, it’s the intent that sits behind those words which is more important.

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Product Descriptions

If you have an ecommerce store then you’ll know how difficult it can be to write consistently good, engaging descriptions that bring your products to life.

As experts in product descriptions, we work with some big names in ecommerce including JD Williams, Next and Homebase to deliver fast, accurate, optimised product descriptions at an affordable price.

They come back to us time and time again as we guarantee consistency no matter how many products are included in the project.

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