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Liverpool’s Social Media Management Agency

Social media is so much more than just likes & shares. The real power lies in its ability to give your business a bigger, more targeted reach!

We can help you increase your following and reach organically, which means more people seeing more of your content and offers.

Keeping Customers Engaged With Your Social Media

When it comes to social media management, good quality content and consistency across all channels is essential.

The importance of keeping your audience engaged with your brand can’t be underestimated, if you don’t do it then you can guarantee that your competitors will be!

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, you need to be thinking big when it comes to your social media strategy! Building a loyal and engaged following means you’ll get a much better response to your call to action posts such as special offers or new product launches.

Our Liverpool based social media team will craft a detailed marketing plan with eye catching artwork once they’ve spent the time getting to know you and your business.

How Does A Social Media Agency Work?

At Blaze Media we know that every business is as individual as the person behind it, so our first step is to do a social media healthcheck on any channels you currently use.

We’ll look at things like whether you’re using the best social media networks for your product or service, whether you’re consistent and on-brand as well as looking at any social media management tools you use.

Then we really get under the skin of your business so we can deliver a plan that will work for you and match your expectations and needs.

This will take into account whether you’ll be posting yourself or if you need us to look after that for you. Who will create content and who will manage responses and leads.

Social media is a necessity no matter what sector you work in, you really can’t underestimate the importance of online visibility and credibility.

We know the amount of work can look daunting so contact our Liverpool social media specialists today for a free social media audit!

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But I love managing my Instagram/ Facebook/ LinkedIn I Just need a little help…

That’s great! Some of the best social media accounts are run by business owners.

We can still help you produce content, give you a better blueprint or run your Facebook or Instagram Ads.

Our social media agency offers a fully managed service where we just take it all and run with it or you can select for us to just run your paid Ads and analytics.

We are experts in Ad targeting, scheduling and conversion improvement on:

  • Facebook Ads manager
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

Getting your targeting right is the key to running a successful campaign and making the most of your marketing spend!

When Should I Use Paid Ads?

In an ideal world, you would run multiple paid ads for your business all of the time.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that when you’re running paid campaigns, your normal post reach increases and when you stop then your reach takes a nosedive.

If you have a new product launch or special/seasonal offer these are great times to ramp up your Facebook and Instagram marketing.

Make the campaign as attractive as possible and then get it in front of the correct people to make sure you maximise your marketing spend or Cost Per Customer Acquisition (CPA)

How Do I Get Started?

Whether you want full management of all social media platforms or just help with specific social campaigns, the first step is to contact our social media experts so we can chat through your options!

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