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15 May 2023

GA4: What You Need to Know if You Track Your Analytics

Google has released their fourth version of Google Analytics which is called Google Analytics 4.  Such an original name, I know! Can you guess what the previous version was called? You guessed it, version 3 (pretends to be shocked). Although it was commonly referred to by its other name, Universal Analytics. In this post we’ll ... Upgrading Shopify from Checkout.liquid to Checkout Extensibility



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25 October 2023

Upgrading Shopify from Checkout.liquid to Checkout Extensibility

From 13th August 2024, the Shopify Checkout.liquid theme file will no longer be available for Shopify Plus users.  This will have a lasting impact on the platform. But not to worry, as it should help bring a faster and more secure checkout experience for Shopify Plus users. By preparing in advance, you should have no Upgrading Shopify from Checkout.liquid to Checkout Extensibility


17 October 2023

How To Set Yourself Up For Success On Google Ads

Have you ever heard of a little thing called Google advertising?  Or as we call it in the industry, Google Ads. Sorry for the slang but those last 3 syllables make a difference you know. Anyway, Google Ads is an advanced platform that utilises automation, machine learning and AI.  Therefore, a strong strategy with a How To Set Yourself Up For Success On Google Ads


16 October 2023

PPC Trends for 2024

You’ve heard of PPC, right? It stands for pay-per-click and it’s a form of advertising that has been helping businesses generate revenue and leads using the power of search engines. PPC has been around since the mid 90’s and, as with most things digital, has advanced and transformed dramatically. Thanks to marketing wizards and software PPC Trends for 2024


9 October 2023

Web Design Best Practices for Small Businesses

As a small business, it’s important that you follow website design practices that not only work well but look visually appealing. Imagine your customers landing on your site and shuddering at the mere sight of your Frankenstein-esque designed home page. Or what if a customer tried to navigate your website on their phone only to Web Design Best Practices for Small Businesses


2 October 2023

The Benefits of SEO

Search engine optimisation has the potential to be one of your most influential marketing sources that drives traffic without the need to pay for advertising spaces.

Find out how SEO can benefit your business and increase your visibility, users and brand awareness through tried and tested SEO strategies.


25 September 2023

How to Grow Your Organic Traffic

So you want to get more eyeballs on your business but you don’t want to spend the majority of your budget running ads? Then, it may be time you start thinking about increasing the organic traffic to your website. In terms of a long-term marketing strategy, there is arguably no better way than to have How to Grow Your Organic Traffic


22 September 2023

How To Set A Budget For Paid Ads

Have you ever wondered how to set a budget for paid ads? With our expert guide you can find out everything you need to know about setting a budget for your ads and how you can strategise to get the most out of your ad campaigns.

Find out how to set a budget for your ads with Blaze Media.


18 September 2023

15 Benefits of Google Ads

It’s hard to imagine a world without Google in it. Well maybe if you were born in the 50’s you can remember just fine but you get what we mean. Google has become such an embedded word within modern-day vocabulary. Every time you search for something on the internet, Google is there waiting to give 15 Benefits of Google Ads


11 September 2023

12 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Find out why social media marketing is so important for many businesses and how it can help you increase your brand awareness, engagement and lead generation.

With these 12 benefits of social media marketing, you can understand why so many companies invest so much time and effort into creating engaging social media content.


4 September 2023

The Benefits of Blogging for your Business

Blogging used to be seen as a way of posting personally written content online, more like a digital diary. But as time went on businesses started to see the value in setting up a blog on their site and publishing consistently. Blogging can be part of strengthening an SEO strategy and the overall digital marketing The Benefits of Blogging for your Business


1 September 2023

Why You Should Be Using Email Marketing in 2024

Check out our guide to why you should be using email marketing to build strong relationships with your customers and drive more engaged traffic to your website.

With the Blaze Media guide you can drive more traffic and more sales to your website with highly targeted email marketing campaigns that resonate with your ideal audience.


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