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Be honest, do you think you could do more to engage with clients and followers online? Most of us could, but keeping your content fresh, eyecatching and engaging across all of your social media platforms and your blog is hard going.

You know your subject matter shouldn’t be all about sales and call to action posts but they’re the easiest to do – tell people what you do and hope they pick up the phone or slide into your DMs.

Your content needs to be a mix of styles and messages to keep people engaged.

You want them to feel like you’re on their wavelength; by talking about what’s important to your followers, sharing their hopes, dreams and maybe the odd picture of your dog will keep them coming back for more.

People also like free stuff – like, REALLY like free stuff – and we’re not talking about giving away your product or services here. Give away little bits of knowledge, some handy hints or hacks related to your business (and if you’re a cake company feel free to give away cake to us, we love cake here at Blaze).

Your output needs to add value to people’s lives in some way, keep that engagement high and when it comes to your Call to Action posts they will have a bigger impact because your target market is already engaging with you!

OK, we’ve laboured that point long enough; you know you need to mix it up, post plenty, add value…but how do you actually get the ideas to create the content in the first place?

Chill, here are some top tips:

woman reading and researching content with mug of coffee


Absorb information everywhere you go; read books, newspapers, blogs, magazines, check out apps like Reddit, Quora and Medium.

Stop deleting those industry newsletters and read through them for inspiration.

Listen to podcasts, check out trending topics on Instagram, Twitter and see what’s new on You Tube.

Follow a biscuit crumb trail through social media for an hour and see where you end up.

What’s the current Tik Tok craze – never mind the embarrassment – practice your moves and get out there!

It’s not about copying what’s already been said but using it as a point to start your discussion.


There are stacks of websites that list national days of celebration and appreciation for everything from cupcakes to independence.

Maybe there’s a cause that you are particularly passionate about; find out if they have a national awareness day or week and get involved.

If the environment is a big concern for you, as it is to us (check out our environmental pledge here btw) then how can you get involved? Beach Clean days, car free days, plant a tree week…the list is endless!

People watching in a cool coffee shop


We’re not saying tap your partner’s phone or hide behind a door and listen to private conversations here, but gegging in on conversations can be priceless.

What are your colleagues talking about while they wait for the kettle to boil, what’s everyone getting excited about on Facebook, what’s the latest TV show that everyone is talking about?

Listen to what people are talking about and run with it (unless it’s the Kardashians and then don’t bother)

Go sit in a coffee shop and watch (and listen) to the world go by (without staring at your phone).


Ask other people to contribute; get clients to write a guest blog.

Share a supplier’s post.

Set up a focus group and chat to people about what matters to them.

Get your family and friends involved – just make sure you set some boundaries and make sure you ask permission before you feature anyone online.

And never underestimate the power of a cute puppy or naughty kitten!


A blog post is for life, not just for Christmas.

Don’t write a blog and then leave it on the shelf – revisit it and update it if it becomes relevant again.

Same with your social media channels; don’t just use one piece of copy once, go back and reshare your own stuff now and then.

By the way, one single blog can give you a stack of content…take key facts and turn them into social media posts which link to your blog. You can also reduce the word count and use as either a Linked In post or article.

Create an infographic to use on Pinterest.

Turn it into a podcast or vlog for your You Tube channel or a series of snippets for Instagram stories or IGTV.

diary with lots of writing, a mobile phone and coffee in the sunshine


The key to curating killer content, and lots of it, is becoming more aware of your thoughts.

Us humans are pretty epic, it’s thought (get it) that we have between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts every single day.

It could be more, there’s been a lot of work on this subject.

Lots of them don’t mean much, some aren’t worth the penny that people often offer when you’re staring into space…but some are worth a lot more.

Tapping into your thoughts and becoming more aware of them will help you generate so much content it’s unreal, but how? That leads us to our next point…


Set time aside to write every single day, even if it’s just 10 minutes each night.

You might want to keep a journal or just have a notepad nearby to jot your thoughts down.

Perhaps you would rather type them into an app on your phone or store your thoughts as a voice memo.

You don’t even have to write down fully formed ideas, a brainstorm for 15 minutes a day (or brain dump) is a valuable exercise.

It’s not about how you do, just that you do it!

You might want to publish all of it, you might want to publish none of it – again that doesn’t matter – just get in the habit of writing and you’ll be amazed at how much content you can come up with.

Man writing down ideas in the garden


We don’t want to see a spider diagram or pretty piece of paper with neatly handwritten notes; get down and dirty and messy.

So many people get brainstorms wrong; it should be a 3 step process

1 – the brain dump: 10-15 minutes of frantic scribbling about anything and everything that enters your head. This can be done alone or with a group, but the essential thing here is that there are no filters, no questions, no laughing at what is said or thought. Simply write down everything without judgement.

2 – the filter: grab a marker and go back through the words and phrases you have written down and cross out anything that you really can’t put out for whatever reason (legal, moral, ethical – or just plain weird and creepy)

3 – take what’s left and make a new list – this is what you use to start drawing up a plan for some killer content!

The most important step is the first one, the brain dump can’t be filtered so if you’re doing this as a group activity then you need to make sure everyone is comfortable with the rules.

Brainstorm session with post it notes and markers


Just because you’re happy (if you are) sharing some of your personal life to create engaging content, it doesn’t mean everyone else is.

Make sure that everyone is happy and set boundaries that everyone is comfortable with.

Not just your workmates, but your friends and family too. You might be ok sharing a picture of your kids baking in the kitchen with Nan, but is your partner ok with them going online (and is Nan wearing her best pinny).

And certainly don’t share pictures of people you don’t know or poke fun at strangers – be kind, be respectful – or stick an emoji over their face and change their name….JOKE!

We jest, but it is serious – you need to respect boundaries and ensure everyone’s safety both on and offline.


·      Become aware of your thoughts

·      Absorb information wherever you go

·      User trending topics to kick start conversations

·      Write every day

·      Get other people to contribute

How do you collect and curate content?

We’d love to know!

If you’re struggling with content and need help generating content and managing your social media channels and digital strategy, then get in touch with our team today! 

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