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5 Liverpool Businesses with Really Impressive SEO

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You know that we love promoting local businesses here at Blaze Media. We’re also mad marketing geeks and love all things about SEO (search engine optimisation) so we’ve decided for this week to combine the two and bring you five amazing local businesses with the best SEO!

To decide on what businesses to include, we used SEMrush (a popular keyword research tool) and analysed the most competitive keywords in Liverpool and picked out the best Liverpool businesses who have increased their market share by using organic strategies.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

OriGym Personal Trainer Courses

Website URL:

Most Notable Keyword Rankings: Gym Liverpool, Gyms in Liverpool City Centre

Estimated monthly non-brand organic traffic: 209,000

Ori Gym SEO

OriGym are based in Liverpool but have offices that allow them to operate across the whole of the UK.

They provide personal training courses at all levels so they appeal to a whole range of different people. From those who are looking for entry-level courses so that they can start a brand-new career or veterans of the industry who want to improve their knowledge and skillset to offer more to their clients.

For their SEO, OriGym are firm believers in ‘content is king’ as their blog is absolutely packed full of informative content. The topical authority built from this content feeds nicely into the wider site, resulting in handsome rankings.

Titanic Hotel Liverpool

Website URL:

Most Notable Keyword Rankings: Hotel in Liverpool, Spa Liverpool, Afternoon Tea Liverpool

Estimated monthly non-brand organic traffic: 12,000

titanic liverpool SEO

The Titanic Hotel is renowned both locally and nationally as being one of the best and most unique hotels you can stay in.

Located outside of the city centre on the historic Stanley Dock, the Titanic Hotel was built into a redeveloped building but kept the industrial roots of the area to create a hotel with a brilliant aesthetic that’s impossible to replicate.

In terms of their website, one of the main things promoting their SEO is their authority. They’re a very big name and can leverage this to acquire quality backlinks from The Guardian, The Times, Timeout, and many more reputable media outlets.

They’re an example of how investing heavily into your brand with solid on-page SEO can translate into some awesome organic results too!

Sutton Kersh

Website URL:

Most Notable Keyword Rankings: Estate Agents Liverpool, House for Sale Liverpool

Estimated monthly non-brand organic traffic: 10,000

Sutton Kersh SEO Liverpool

Sutton Kersh have been operating in Liverpool for more than 40 years and are a reliable choice for locals to look for properties across Merseyside whether sales or lettings.

With a business as old as theirs, you can imagine that they might have changed the focus of their website in that time, right? Nope, Sutton Kersh have kept their focus on Liverpool for over 20 years! In that time, they’ve made small changes and naturally built authority over time.

All of the content on their website is hyper focused on Liverpool and Merseyside and has been for a sustained period of time. This allows them to compete in our area with the big national names in their industry like Rightmove and Zoopla.

Design 4 Life Tattoo & Piercing

Website URL:

Most Notable Keyword Rankings: Liverpool Tattoo, Tattoo Shops Liverpool

Estimated monthly non-brand organic traffic: 4,900

Design for Life SEO

Design 4 Life are a multi-award-winning tattoo and piercing studio in Liverpool City Centre located on Lime Street near the Adelphi Hotel.

They’re a big draw for tattoo fans in the city and plays host to plenty of big names in the tattoo industry when they come to our city.

With being a big name to locals, it’s no surprise that they’ve managed to acquire backlinks from the like of Liverpool Echo.

Design 4 Life’s SEO is actually so good that their website still ranks amazingly well despite the website being served in HTTP over HTTPS (if you know, you know!).

This just goes to show the importance of off-page SEO, although they’ll hopefully sort out their technical SEO soon!

Blaze Media

Most Notable Keyword Rankings: SEO Liverpool, SEO Services Liverpool, SEO Company Liverpool

Estimated monthly non-brand organic traffic: 615

Blaze Media

I know, I know, but you can’t blame us really!

The reason we’ve included ourselves isn’t just to blow our own trumpet, but to be able to show you first-hand how investing into your SEO can improve your rankings. All you need to do is work hard, focus on content, and follow a solid off-page strategy.

To demonstrate, have a look at this graph we’ve pulled from SERanking for the keyword ‘SEO Liverpool’ showing where we rank on Google for that search.

Ranking tracking for SEO Liverpool
Blaze Media positions for “SEO Liverpool” over a 6 month period.

Looks good, right?! We went from not ranking in the top 100 in April 2021 to consistently achieving results near the top of Google and even managing to maintain the #1 spot for over two weeks at the time of writing in November 2021.

This process started in April when we made slight changes to our website structure inline with our main services.

From there we set up a content plan with a focus on our SEO service page and increasing our topical relevance and authority for local SEO search terms. This was compounded with an off-page plan to acquire authoritative and relevant backlinks to our service page to signal to Google that we’re trustworthy.

Once we found a winning strategy around internal linking, we just stuck to our guns and created more and more well-written and informative content. The rest was all about making sure our results were going to plan and steadily moving in the right direction.

Sure, in May and June when we first began really investing in our own SEO it took a while to see the best results, but that’s the way it is. Good things come to those who wait (and work really hard in the meantime!)


And there we have it! These are some of the best Liverpool based businesses that have managed to rank well in specific niches for keywords that are usually dominated by large, national companies that rank for all local terms.

If you want to increase your market share and compete with the big companies in your industry, then get in touch with us at Blaze Media to get started on improving your SEO now!

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