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Digital Advertising: Growing your Business in 2022

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The year is 2022. Technology is advancing at incredible speeds. COVID-19 is finally becoming a thing of the past. The opportunities are endless!

If you’re wondering what steps you can take this year to keep your business moving in the right direction then you’re in the right place. We’ve come up with some of the best tips that we think you should keep in mind when setting out your digital advertising plan for the year. Enjoy!

Short form, user generated content

Mark Zuckerberg has come out and informed the world that Reels is officially Meta’s biggest source of creation. Because of this, they’ve brought Reels over to Facebook so that even more people can get involved with creating and absorbing short-form content.

With this and TikTok currently taking over the world, short-form content looks to be staying the course and continuing to be a crucial mode of advertising.

People have shorter attention spans now. And with the plethora of content types that we have at our disposal through our phones and our computers, you need to make your content a banger immediately in order to win your audience over. If not, they’ll simply swipe away until they see something else that catches their eye.

And because so many people own smartphones capable of producing high-quality footage on Reels and TikTok, you can rally the troops and commission or otherwise convince your current customers to create user generated content for you that you can use when advertising on social media so that your brand has some social proof and is better placed to win more customers in the future.

The importance of zero and first party data

2022 will be the last full year before Google stop using third party cookies in Chrome. This marks a big shift in how businesses will market using Google advertising, yet very much comes at the wish of the general public.

It’s actually a miracle that these cookies have lasted as long as they have when you consider just how much brands can find out about us through them.

However, while there will be other ways that you can track your audience’s behaviours so that you can effectively market to them in the future or prove that your existing marketing methods are working, you should still begin to take steps to grow your own audience so you don’t have to rely on data from other companies.

First party data means data gathered through things like your own social media, email/newsletter campaigns, or CRM tools.

Zero party data means data gathered directly from your customers. You could ask them to complete surveys or feedback that you can then utilise in your upcoming marketing campaigns.

Both of these data formats are great and, more importantly, they don’t abuse your customers’ online privacy.

On the horizon: Metaverse and NFTs

Now, it isn’t immediately clear whether the Metaverse and NFTs will be suitable for all businesses in the future, but there’s a lot of possibilities on the horizon!

Big brands are already building digital assets and creating PR campaigns around NFTs, and some have made a hell of a lot of money doing so.

Take Manchester City Football Club who have made multiple NFT collection drops now and they’ve all gone down well. Now all the clubs in the Premier League are looking at doing so themselves. Things move fast in the digital world!

On top of NFTs, if the Metaverse does really take off then there’ll be very unique ways to track data. Say you sell hats, then you might be able to see how many people have either physically looked at or touched your products, or even wore them on their heads through their avatars!

Definitely keep an eye on this space and be ready to adopt new technologies to receive the most benefit. Early bird catches the worm!

Forward looking digital advertising agency

There’s no point limiting yourself to what works now, you should be preparing for what will work in the future. Otherwise, a time will come where you’re stuck in a rut with no foundations beneath you to build off of and take your marketing campaigns forward.

When working with Blaze Media, you’ll discover that we’re not afraid to try anything and everything to see if it works! So if you want to be able to look back on 2022 and see some incredible results, then get in touch with us at Blaze Media and we can get started working together!

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