Online Booking System

Hassle Free Bookings And Up-Front Payments! 

Buying services and booking appointments can be as simple as clicking a few buttons.

If you’re a service-based business then we know how time-consuming taking bookings can be and how frustrating it is when the client doesn’t show up, leaving you out of pocket.

We have the answer with our fully customised online booking system. 

Clients can book appointments and even pay a deposit or make a full payment with the click of a button. 

You can spend all day, every day taking bookings thanks to social media platforms along with phone calls and emails. 

Clients want to be able to book at a time convenient for them – which might not be when you’re open! 

Give them 24/7 access to your bookings with our easy to use and affordable online booking system.

woman holding a calender thinking about online booking system
a girl crossed legged ordering on her phone using online booking system

Implementing a user friendly online scheduling system

The last thing you need to be doing is spending hour after hour chasing bookings, answering calls and monitoring duplicate bookings across 3 different platforms. 

Not only does it take up your time, it takes you away from delivering the 5* customer service that we know you pride yourself on. 

Our user-friendly, online booking system gives your clients access to your live booking diary at any time, meaning you don’t need to answer calls on a day off, take on extra staff to man the phones or keep yourself logged in to your social media after hours. 

The simple layout means you and your team can easily see what bookings are coming up and what’s even better is that you can accept part or full payments in advance to avoid the frustration of no-shows costing you money. 

At Blaze we take care of the creative & tech-side of things; making sure it’s on brand, your services, staff and pricing are online and easily accessed as well as integrating emails, webpages and payment options. 


Ready to take your business to the next level? 

We’ve already implemented our online booking systems for a number of salons and medical companies and it’s perfect for a vast range of service based businesses including barbers, tattoo parlours, dentists and more. 

How much will it cost for your personalised, online booking system?

We will build, customise and integrate the system for you for a one-off payment of £600 – and the only other cost is a low monthly subscription starting from just £7 a month.

Is it really that easy for your clients to use? See for yourself:

Step 1

Choose Location

Clients log in and choose their preferred salon or studio.

Step 2

Select Your Category

They’re directed through to your customised online booking system where they choose from one of the categories that you offer.

Step 3

Choose A Service

Your client then finds the service or treatment that they would like to book from your personalised menu.

Step 4

Pick A Person

All your team members will be listed online so the client can choose who they would like to book with.

Step 5

Book A Time Slot

They choose a day and time that works for them from the available dates left on the online booking system.

Step 6

Make Payment

They then have the choice (as determined by you) to pay a deposit and then pay the balance in cash after their booking, or they can pay in full, in advance. These options help with costly no-shows.