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Love it or hate it, Instagram is going nowhere!

The social media platform has been a huge success since it’s launch and is the place for individuals and business (and dogs) to show off, share their wisdom and engage with followers.

Having a successful Instagram account takes hard work and dedication, so we thought we would recognise some of the businesses in Crosby who have got it spot on.

Why Crosby?

Well, it’s where we’re based and where we’re surrounded by many local, independent businesses.

Over the next few months we’ll take you on an online tour around Liverpool and the North West to share the best of the best – in our eyes anyway!

If you think you deserve to be on one of our lists then let us know in the comments or tag us on our Instagram (@theblazemedia)

Before we get to the list, what are we looking for when we are deciding on our favourite accounts?

Firstly, quality imagery. Instagram is a social media platform to share pictures. We love it when accounts are using high-quality images or graphics to represent their brand.

We are also looking at engagement. If your posts are getting likes, shares and comments then it’s a good indication that the content you are putting out on your channel resonates with your followers.

Is the Instagram account taking advantage of Instagram’s other features? Are they active on stories, are they using highlights, if they have a physical product are they using Instagram shopping?

Instagram is becoming a more and more diverse social media platform. And it’s clear who is using its additional features to leverage their exposure.

And finally, are they creating a brand via their Instagram channel?

It’s that age old saying “businesses don’t last, brands do”. All businesses should establish a brand identity and it shouldn’t be limited to your website and logo.

Expose your brand across all places your business appears.

So, who’s doing that in Crosby & Waterloo? Let’s have a look!


Business Name: The Beauty Barn Clinic & Spa
Instagram Handle: theclinicandspa
Industry: Beauty, Cosmetics & Personal Care
Location: The Well Barn, Little Crosby, L23 4TT

We start our top ten with The Beauty Barn Clinic & Spa, who have a whopping 13.6k followers on their Instagram account. They specialise in endermologie, fat freeze, laser hair, massages and hydrofacials. Our favourite part of their account is their Instagram live section where they do a range of at home tutorials and also in-shop procedures. The Beauty Barn Clinic & Spa have been one of many businesses effected by COVID-19, and we are wishing them all the best as they look to come out the other side.


Business Name: Saint Rocco
Instagram Handle: saintroccogroom
Industry: Dog Grooming
Location: 12 Bridge Road, Crosby, Liverpool, L23 6SG

At number nine we have the independently owned dog grooming spa and boutique. Saint Rocco has been growing a reputation for being one of the best dog grooming spas within North Liverpool. They have based their Instagram images based upon a special red chair. Each and every dog which is groomed, gets their picture taken upon this chair. It’s has become a symbol for their page. Within each picture, they will also make a fuss over the dog within the caption. If you are a dog lover, this is a must page for the fur babies of Crosby and Waterloo.


Business Name: New Birkdale Clinic
Instagram Handle: newbirkdaleclinic
Industry: Cosmetic Surgery
Location: 2 Park Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 3XF

The New Birkdale Clinic is one of the most known cosmetic surgeries in the whole of the North West. With that reputation they have been able to gain a following of 17.8k people. Highly impressive stuff.  Their posts get tons of engagement, and they do a great job of putting quality content out for their followers. The New Birkdale Clinic’s most popular content includes before and after shots, which really highlights the quality of service they offer. Like many businesses, they have also seen the effects of COVID-19. But we hope to see them becoming more and more active on their social media accounts as businesses begin to reopen.


Business Name: Chaps Barbers Crosby
Instagram Handle: chaps_barbers_
Industry: Hairdressing & Coffee
Location: 72 Moor Lane, Liverpool, L23 4TW

The traditional men’s barber and coffee shop is one of our favourite accounts. They use fantastic photography mixed with some gentle branding to really make their page pop. Additionally, they also throw in some short videos of their services and the products they sell.  The videography is excellently produced, just like the photography. Giving the whole page a very professional glow.


Business Name: Lady Mucks Crosby
Instagram Handle: ladymuck_crosby
Industry: Beauty & Makeup
Location: 165 College Road, Crosby, L23 3AT

Lady Mucks Crosby shouts, sparkles and dances pink all down their page. It’s very pleasing just scrolling down their feed and seeing the different variations of pink that hit your eyes. Lady Mucks has established themselves as one of the big players in the makeup and beauty world within North Liverpool…and they have a social media channel to match. They also give their audiences great insights into their business by using stories and highlight feature. There’s a reason why they are one of the most popular small business Instagram accounts in Crosby with 11.4k followers.


Business Name: Crosby Loyalty Card
Instagram Handle: crosby_loyalty_card
Industry: Offers & Discount Scheme
Location: Online

Crosby Loyalty Card has become the go to place to promote your business to the local people. They originally began on Facebook, with their community group having over 7,000 members and now you can find them on Instagram. It’s a great place to find the best offers from local businesses. You will find some absolute hidden gems that you didn’t even know existed. It is quickly becoming the go-to social media business directory for the area.


Business Name: Timberwolf Grind & Tap
Instagram Handle: timberwolf_liv
Industry: Coffee & Bar
Location: 44 South Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 5PQ

Timberwolf is unique coffee shop and bar that you would expect to find in Bold Street in Liverpool city centre. Instead they have set up shop just a few minutes walk from the beach…the perfect location for dogwalkers to grab a quick coffee and cake. They make their food and drink look irresistible on their feed. From chocolate baileys cake, to their hasbean coffee beans and their amaretto sours. One glance at their page will really get your taste buds tingling.  They also often host events and use their social media platform to promote their events. 


Business Name: Portside Tattoo UK
Instagram Handle: portsidetattoo
Industry: Tattoo Industry
Location: 90A South Road, Liverpool, L22 0LY

Portside Tattoo UK is your local tattoo studio in Crosby & Waterloo. Another addition to South Road, which is filled with lots of fantastic intendent businesses.  Their page is filled with what you expect of a tattoo studio, lots of tattoos! Showing off how talented their artists are. However, they also drop funny and relatable memes to their business which go down a storm with their audience. A few months ago they also posted an IGTV story of creating a picture of Crosby’s ‘Another Place’. If we had one recommendation, it would be to keep creating that type of content, as it looks fantastic.


Business Name: Pioneer Bar & Brasserie
Instagram Handle: pioneercrosby
Industry: Bar & Restaurant
Location: 107 Liverpool Road, Crosby, L23 5TD

The Pioneer Bar & Brasserie is one of the most established local businesses in the area. A very popular venue for the local residents and also visitors to the area. This reflects in the popularity of the page, with an impressive 12.6k followers. The page highlights their delicious meals, tasty cocktails and refreshing pints. It is filled with high quality images that make you want to run down and get a table. All their posts are filled with engagement and is often one of the most tagged locations in the area.


Business Name: Spitroast
Instagram Handle: spitroastkitchen
Industry: Restaurant
Location: 104 South Road, Waterloo, L220ND

Coming in at number one for our favourite social media accounts is the rotisserie chicken restaurant Spitroast. Another entry on our list which resides on South Road. Spitroast have implemented their branding perfectly into their social media strategy. They combine a combination of high-quality images of their food with also consistent branded graphics. When we see a Spitroast graphic we instantly know who it is before we read it due to the branding. That is powerful. They do everything an Instagram page should do. Competitions, reviews, business updates, unique content and more. There a reason why they’re just shy of 30k followers on Instagram.

So that’s it, a whistle-stop tour of the best local Instagram accounts in Waterloo and Crosby.

Remember to let us know if you think you deserve to be on the list (or a future one) and if you need any help with your social media marketing get in touch with us!

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