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Top 10 Social Media Superstars in the Baltic Triangle

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Liverpool is full of fantastic businesses that help to put our city on the map. Last time out we looked at businesses in Liverpool City Centre, but it’s not just the city centre that has awesome independent businesses that deserve to be shouted about.

Today we’re bringing you the top 10 businesses in The Baltic Triangle that really stand out on social media. The Baltic Triangle is just a 15-minute walk south of the city centre and is full of all different types of business that make the journey worth it.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

10) Yogacita

Instagram Handle: yogacitaliverpool

Industry: Yoga

Location: 20 Watkinson Street

Yogacita is a studio designed to harness the power of full mediated Yoga. The space has been converted from an old gun factory and retains some of its former features with open brickwork to the immense furnace chimney that spans one corner of the studio.

They’re open 7 days a week with 14 regular teachers which makes it a perfect spot for some cathartic exercise for before or after work with shower facilities available to make you feel fresh.

Yogacita’s feed is full of motivational quotes to get you into a chill and zen mood and breaks these up with pictures of people taking part in relaxing looking yoga poses. Looking through their feed transports you to the class as if you are taking part. The use of the orange works perfectly throughout the feed as it makes you feel calm and ready to relax.

9) The Baltic Bakehouse

Instagram Handle: balticbakehouse

Industry: Food

Location: 46 Bridgewater Street

The Baltic Bakehouse is an independent bakery and café on Bridgewater St, Liverpool. They make their own amazing looking bread which has even received a review from The Daily Telegraph who said that “rumour has it they make the best bread in the city”.

Their feed is to die for with breath-taking bread-based goods they have to offer. The use of close ups adds an artistic feel which really helps sell the food and get people commenting. Enabling their followers to see behind the scenes really seal the deal for attracting customers by making you feel connected to the business.

You can tell that they put a lot of effort into their lighting which really makes the food stand out perfectly by showing the texture of good slice of bread.

The Baltic Bakehouse have another location on Allerton Road as well as offering online ordering so your order will be ready for you when you reach their doors.

8) 54 St James Street

Instagram Handle: 54stjamesstreet

Industry: Commercial property

Location: 54 St James Street

54 St James Street offers Liverpool-based office space, virtual office tenancy, and high-spec meeting & conference space. They are also home to The Women’s Organisation.

They were established in 2011 and are still offering fantastic office space. If you are looking for a cost-effective space to work or host a meeting or a conference in Liverpool, then this is the place to be.

Their feed is filled with shots of the work spaces available. They paint the perfect picture of what to expect when you visit the space. Behind the scenes posts and stories work perfectly to create that friendly and inspiring vibe that you can expect from a creative and people led environment.

One of their best features is their branding. They manage to keep their branding consistent throughout their feed, even on their story highlight images, which adds professionalism and shows that they mean business.

7) Black Pearl

Instagram Handle: blackpearlbarliverpool

Industry: Hospitality

Location: 8 Stanhope St

Black Pearl is a bar located in the heart of the Baltic Market area. They host a mix of DJs, underground music, live music and live sports. This is the place for the all-day ultimate party vibe over the weekend with early starts and late finishes. They offer fresh food to keep you going through the day.

Their feed embraces you into the party experience through their use of images and videos with their signature neon lighting. This gives you the feeling like you are there partying yourself.

The use of purple in their posts perfectly reflects their branding and the party vibe. This colour is used throughout and works well in the event posts.

6) Little Korea

Instagram Handle: littlekoreauk

Industry: Hospitality

Location: 107 Stanhope St (Baltic Market)

Little Korea can be found in the Baltic Market serving up delicious looking Korean food. They are the little brother of Love Kimchi and have been recommended by Time Out for their real Korean fried chicken and dumplings.  A vegan menu is available so they can cater to everyone’s needs.

Little Korea’s feed makes you feel warm inside from the use of hot looking food. The vibrant colours make the posts stand out when you are scrolling through your home feed. By using sensual close ups, they make you feel hungry and also add an artistic touch to their feed.

Videos of their food are also scattered throughout the feed. These videos make you feel like you are right there and ready to took into a gorgeous Korean meal.

5) Chapters Of Us

Instagram Handle: chapters_of_us

Industry: Eatery

Location: 44 Simpson Street

Chapters of Us is more than just your normal local coffee shop. Not only do they serve fantastic looking food and drinks that entice you to make repeat visits, they also promise to offer you an experience that you will never forget with the events they hold.

Their feed is full to the brim with amazing content showcasing their events which highlight the audiences experience that they will get when they take part. Their hand drawn aesthetic is everything you would expect and more from an artistic looking coffee shop.

4) It’s The Hair Studio

Instagram Handle: itsthehairstudio

Industry: Beauty

Location: 29-31 Parliament Street

It’s The Hair Studio is a hair salon based in the Baltic Triangle. They offer gender free haircuts with vintage styling. If you are looking for bridal haircuts for your special day then this is also the place for you.

Their feed is what you would expect from an established hairdressers with fantastic pictures of their vintage stylish haircuts. The close ups of their tools and furniture really sell the vintage vibe they are going for.

Their posts about wigs are both pleasing to look at and informative as they offer their followers a look into the wig industry and show just how realistic they can look.

3) Baltic Secret Garden

Instagram Handle: balticsecretgarden

Industry: Florist

Location: 31 Jamaica Street

Baltic Secret Garden is a specialist florist that focuses on floral installations. Located on Jamaica street, they offer beautiful installations for special occasions such as Christmas and weddings.

Their feed is aesthetically pleasing to look at with the beautiful colours from the flowers themselves. The videos really help amplify their aesthetic and give you a sense of what they are about.

The use of gifs with flashing lights sells the perfect Christmas vibe. You can tell that they know exactly how to market to their audience.

2) M8 Studios

Instagram Handle: m8studiosliv

Industry: Photography studio

Location: Unit 1 Baltic View Norfolk Street

M8 Studios is a commercial studio space for hire based in the Baltic. The studio is owned by @stmsmedia who offer bespoke professional film and photography shoots.

Steve Timmins is an established photographer and videographer who is ready to take your projects to the next level and can provide full-service support for your creative productions.

M8 Studios’ feed is the quality you’d expect from a professional videographer and photographer. The shoot posts perfectly illustrate exactly the service you would get when working with Steve.

Behind the scenes posts emphasize the process that takes place on the shoots and makes you feel like you are part of the action yourself. The branding used throughout really stands out and makes you make you feel you are in professional hands.

1) ArCains

Instagram Handle: arcains_liverpool

Industry: Bar/arcade

Location: 31 Grafton Street

ArCains is a 3-story arcade and bar based in the heart of the Baltic Triangle. From modern hits to retro classics, they’ll have the game for you in their arcade.

With one entry price you can then play all of their games for free and not spend an extra penny unless you want a drink from the bar. There’s no time limit on how long you can spend at this amazing place, and their retro factory aesthetic adds to the individual feel of their arcade.

ArCains post retro inspired imagery of their arcade machines and the vibrant colours would make any post stand out from your news feed. Their story highlights show everything you’d need to be convinced to visit this wondrous place. The contrast of bright colours on dark images really sells that this is the place to be for your nights out.

Well done to our top 10 businesses in the Baltic Triangle and if you haven’t tested any of them out then why not give them a go and support local, independent businesses.

What part of the Liverpool City Region should we look at next? Contact us and let us know.

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