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Top 5 Liverpool Businesses with Superb Facebook Ads

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Trying to get your head around advertising on Facebook can take some time but when you finally get it you’ll start seeing massive benefits. It makes us happy when we see local businesses thrive in the Facebook ads World, so here are five of the best local businesses who use Facebook Ads for you to learn from!

5) The Lighting Centre

The Lighting Centre Facebook page

The Lighting Centre is a lighting fixture shop based in the Baltic Area. They have been around for over 70 years and offer the best prices on high quality lighting. They stock a wide selection of products for homes and gardens too.

As they’re in the light and bright business, it only makes sense that their Facebook & Instagram ads reflect that. They use beautiful photography in their ads which highlights their luxury lighting options.

Their ads are simple but impactful, and bring attention to what they do immediately through their creativity. They then provide encouragement for people to go to their website to browse their massive collection.

4) Owen Drew England

Owen Drew England Facebook Page

Okay so… Owen Drew is technically based in Birkenhead! But The Wirral is still local, and their social strategy is too strong to ignore!

Owen Drew sells luxury home fragrances and has a powerful brand design which they portray through both the graphics and the photography on their website. They ensure everything is vibrant, pink, and full of energy while also highlighting the core product at the same time.

Christmas is a big time of the year for them so they’ve transitioned their messaging towards Christmas. This includes order reminders for delivery in time for Christmas, gifts for guests in your home, festive-inspired fragrances, and more. Really digging into the FOMO (fear of missing out) route.

3) Noughts and Kisses

Noughts and Kisses

Noughts and Kisses is a luxury women’s fashionwear company which designs all items in-house from their Liverpool HQ.

They have a great paid social ads strategy, running an assortment of different home page, collection page, and product page ads with consistently high-quality photography.

Making use of all of these different ad types can have a massive impact on performance, and it also highlights where someone is on their customer journey.

Additionally, they also run top-of-funnel adverts which promote 10% off your first order, which is a great way to build a loyal customer base.

Personally, we love seeing Noughts and Kisses run dynamic adverts! Dynamic ads are connected to the business owners’ shops feed (their product list). With dynamic ads, Facebook & Instagram will dynamically show different products to different people based on the information on the product feed and the information Facebook has on users to maximize performance. We find that for online stores with lots of items, they can really help pinpoint certain products to certain individuals.

2) Say It With Diamonds

Say It With Diamonds Facebook page

Say It With Diamonds sell a range of beautiful jewellery through their traditional bricks and mortar store in the Met Quarter as well as their booming e-commerce store.

One of their adverts that we especially love is their ‘best seller’ collection page ad which highlights and promotes their bestselling product which they clearly know is a really proficient seller already.

When they advertise their products, Say It With Diamonds don’t go with their major high-ticket items likes engagement rings. Instead, they highlight a lot of their more spontaneous purchases. Think about it. How many people will see a Facebook advert and drop £4,500 on an engagement ring upfront? Not many. People will be doing research, probably going into physical stores before making that kind of purchase.

Instead, they promote entry-level products, which are usually less than £100 to get people aware of their brand and to fall in love their products.

They also promote the use of Klarna and Clearpay in their advertisements. Klarna and Clearpay won’t take a large chunk of their online sales, and it gives a customer more flexibility to get the product that they want and pay for it later. Being able to pay in interest free instalments can be really appealing for customers, especially for larger ticket items.

Fuel Station

Fuel Station Facebook page

Fuel Station is the UK’s number one juice detox and juice cleanse delivery company and is located in our very own L11!

Fuel Station is a fantastic brand and they do some amazing things with their paid social strategy. Let’s jump straight into them.

Their ad copy is consistent in terms of style by using emojis to divide up their products points, USPs, and answer objections in short-form text. Additionally, they use real reviews from TripAdvisor to show real people’s reviews of their products.

Next, they have a great network of influencers such as Love Island and Geordie Shore stars who advertise their products. These influencers will be well known by their dream clients, and this adds instant credibility to their brand.

On top of this, on some of their ads include a feature bar that shows some of the publications which they have appeared in such as BBC, Daily Mail, OK!, Metro & more. Just reeling in even more credibility.

A final thing that we want to highlight is that they know the value of acquiring a customer. The Fuel Station is a repeat purchase product and this means that a customer can have a long lifetime value once acquired. This is why they use offers as incentives for new customers to join. Additionally, the offers are seasonally relevant!

We hope you have enjoyed our insight into the world of Facebook ads as much as we have. This list was hard to boil down to a top five as there are so many good local businesses who use Facebook ads.

If you want to upgrade your Facebook Ads strategy so that you can make our list in the future , get in touch with our paid ads team at Blaze Media and we can get the ball rolling!

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