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6 Spectacular Websites From Local Businesses

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Running a business on a day-to-day basis can take up a lot of time, so finding the time to sort out a top-class website for your business can be difficult when you’re being stretched in multiple directions by other things.

We understand this struggle and we want to take some of our time to celebrate 6 local businesses that have put in the work to create a brilliant website! These websites not only promote businesses products and services but do so in a way that’s great in terms of design and functionality.


What they sell: Clothing and gifts

Location: 22 Lark Lane, Liverpool, L17 8US


Larks is a fashion and gift shop located on Lark Lane. You can purchase all sorts of products from unique, bold clothing to gifts with Liverpool paraphernalia on them like mugs and coasters.

When looking at their website, you can tell that they’ve gone for a simple but effective look. The colour pink really stands out from the page and goes with the target audience that they are trying to appeal to.

Navigating around the site is simple and easy. You can quickly traverse between product categories and even use the easily identifiable links to visit their social media pages.

When it comes to building your site, you need to think about making sure it’s mobile friendly. Larks’ website is a good example of this is. The store responds to the page size making it easier to access on a mobile device and a browser, and the navigation menu becomes a burger menu making it simple for customers to travel through the pages.

One Percent Forest

What they sell: coffee and food

Location: 42 Allerton Rd, Liverpool L25 7RG


One Percent Forest is a coffee shop located on Allerton Road. After falling in love with Iceland from their trips there, Hannah Sharp and Dean Caffery decided to create an Icelandic themed coffee shop.

You can order from a broad menu that includes all the expected products as well as some more unusual ones like Icelandic hot dogs! They even have an ecommerce storefront, presented with fantastic product pictures, so you can order their goods for home delivery.

Their website is definitely a spectacle. When you first visit the site, you are welcomed with an enticing looking coffee with clear navigation tools presented over it. The massive background helps to amplify the items that they sell instore and online. Muted colours used throughout the website help create the image of a nice cold winter night in Iceland.

They have an app complete with loyalty points, competitions, and news which is set out in a very clear and professional manner.

The MMA Academy

What they sell: Martial arts training

Location: 17 Vulcan Street, L3 7BG


The MMA Academy is a mixed martial arts studio on Vulcan Street. They offer training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). They have classes for kids, adults, and even offer female only sessions. They have a 30-day trial so you can see if it is for you before fully committing.

Their website is structured very well with everything you need to know right there on the homepage. The website is packed with information you would need to know from the different disciplines they offer to customer testimonials. Red, their colour of branding, is used throughout which promotes the aura of power and passion – two important things for an MMA gym.

The use of octagons icons throughout website is clever as they represent the sides of a ring you would see in a UFC fight. The easy access to sign up to the newsletter is a nice touch and shows they are ready to bring you news straight into your inbox.

Boss Bird Parlour

What they sell: Vegan gifts and clothing

Location: 72 Argyle Street, Birkenhead, CH41 6AF


Boss Bird Parlour is a vegan gifts, clothing and wellbeing shop located in Birkenhead. It’s a family run business who like to put self-care and positive vegan vibes into your shopping experience. You can visit instore or shop online with shipping available across the country.

Their website is very simple and may not have the most breath-taking design, but we were very impressed by their innovative sidebar. This interesting approach makes it very easy to see exactly what they have to offer and sets their website apart from other sites.


What they sell: Food and drink

Location: 17 Rose Mount, Oxton, CH43 5SG


Another business repping for Wirral; Thyme is a bistro located in the heart of Oxton. They offer a delicious food menu that caters for everyone with items from steak, fish, and vegan options.

When you first load up the website you are welcomed to an image of some bread and cheese which helps sets the mood of the website but also the business. The use of the dark green is normally associated with restaurants and luxury. It shows they are ready to offer you a luxurious experience while you dine.

The built-in reservation system is really handy for letting people know when they can book in and enjoy a meal. The contact page uses a full-page map that makes it easier for the restaurant goer to plan their journey. A little drop-down box at the top when you click the map marker is a nice touch to the website.

HK Interiors

What they sell: interior design

Location: 390 Aigburth Rd Liverpool, L19 3QD


HK Interiors is an interior design business based on Aigburth Road. They have everything you need to style your home exactly how you want it from the furniture to the curtains and beyond.

The website is what you would expect from an interior design business with images showcasing what they can provide you as a service. The use of blue signifies trust so you know you can trust them to do a good job.

Their booking system is a great touch and makes it easier for both the business and their customers to keep track of booked appointments. It also gives a better feeling of control for the customer as they feel more involved with the process.

There were so many different websites we could have mentioned in this list it was so hard to whittle down! We are so proud of what the Merseyside area has produced when it comes to websites. If there is a website you want us to check out or want to talk to us about your website then contact us today!

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