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5 Liverpool Businesses That Use Colours Perfectly

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When it comes to branding, colours can work either for or against you depending on their connotations. 

For example, the colour red is associated with power, passion and courage which would be perfect with a gym brand but maybe not so good for a meditation coach.

As you know, we love sharing the great work that local businesses do, so in typical Blaze Media fashion we want to share those that we think have carefully crafted their brand to create the right message they want to share with their audience.

Glow Getter Skin

What they sell: Beauty, cosmetic & personal care

Location: 18 Endbutt Ln, Waterloo, Liverpool L23 0TR

Glow Getter Skin is located in sassstylestudio in Waterloo. They offer beauty and skin treatments to make you feel good in order to become the best version of you. These treatments include facials, skin peels, microneedling and laser hair treatments.

The colour gold is used throughout their branding, adding a feeling of glamour and luxury and it’s been used in just the right quantity with Glow Getter Skin’s branding. 

The gold is partnered with white which not only makes the gold stand out, but also adds cleanliness and purity to the brand.

Al Dente Restaurant & Bar

What they sell:  Italian cuisine.

Location: 1 Lark Ln, Liverpool L17 8UN

Al Dente Restaurant & Bar located in Lark Lane is a restaurant that offers delicious-looking authentic Italian food. They offer delivery and takeaway so you can have a piece of Italy in your home.

The key colour in their branding is green which in known to represent health and freshness..perfect for Italian restaurant who are proud of the fresh ingredients they use.

Wonderful waxes

What they sell: Candles

Wonderful Waxes sell beautiful looking candles in adorable packaging. All of their candles are made from 100% soy wax and a tree is planted with every purchase; truly environmentally friendly. 

The company mainly utilises a selection of browns in its branding which helps represent nature and the natural, eco-friendly feel they are going for. This works well with the candles being made from soy wax.

The use of the colour white adds calmness and purity, a sense of innocence representative of the environmentally untarnished vibe the brand is going for. 

Furthermore, the candles are used to give the perfect escape you need from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Just five minutes makes all the difference.


What they sell: Night club

Location: 2nd floor, 13-21 Seel St, Liverpool L1 4AU

Sensation is a nightclub located in the heart of Liverpool. They offer the full night out experience with a wide range of drinks, table service and even a VIP package.  Need to get some air?  Well, they have a heated rooftop flower garden to make your night out even a little better.

The colour theme throughout their socials is neon. The neon colours immediately stimulate you and are synonymous with good times and late nights! 

They’ve chosen to really feature on neon pink which also adds a feel of glamour and fun.

The Vaccine Vet

What they sell: Veterinary Services

Location: Travels in a van around Liverpool

The Vaccine Vet is a mobile veterinary service ready to help look after your sick animals. They offer a wide range of procedures such as puppy and kitten vaccinations, worm and flea removals, microchipping and general health checks. They offer all these services in the comfort of your home.

The colour blue is used through their branding which is executed perfectly. Blue is normally recognised as a calm and trustworthy colour – 2 factors which are important in this line of work. 

Blue also demonstrates wisdom, backing up the fact that this is a safe, trustworthy company and that your pets couldn’t be in safer hands.

There are so many businesses smashing it across Liverpool that this was a really hard shortlist to make but if you think a certain business is missing from our list or want to know more about why picking the right colours is important for your branding, contact us today.

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