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The Brief

The Loft Doctor is a North-West based loft boarding company who came to us after their PPC results started to stagnate with their previous agency. Our brief from them was to lower their cost per lead across their site.

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The Process

After initially reviewing their historical account, we found a large number of wasted advertising spend on irrelevant keywords so we adapted a large negative keyword list to ensure we were targeting the correct words. Secondly, we restructured their ad accounts into themes and introduced responsive search ads to manage specific keywords. And finally we changed their destination of where their traffic was going to the homepage of the website, whilst also setting up Google Optimize to run split tests to improve the conversion rate on site.

The Crisis

A new one for us; after our first week we'd seen some great results with our process of stripping the campaign down and building it back up. The cost per lead had reduced by £11.35 VS the previous period and our engaging ad copy had led to an increase of 10.3% to complement the themed ad groups and responsive ads.

All good so far, until….. An employee of The Loft Doctor had a falling out with the company. Nothing too odd there, until he decided to remove us all from the Google Ads accounts, strip the website bare and leave the business without a lead source - effectively trying to kill the business and make colleagues redundant.

After a series of calls between our MD and theirs, we were able to download the old website’s theme and style, our paid team did still have access to Google Analytics and were therefore able to download our entire campaign structure.

Next, we instructed The Loft Doctor’s MD to create a new domain which we then used to reinstall the website back onto the new domain. Finally we were able to create a new Google Ads account, re-set up conversion tracking and get the campaign back live.

After a day of no leads coming in, and the potential of the digital side of their business in tatters, we ended the day on a high with our whole team coming together to help a fellow small business owner get back on his feet without being too out of pocket!

The Outcome

After successfully dealing with the rogue employee, we have continued to work with the Loft Doctor to improve their campaigns. Additionally, they have asked us to run their paid social ads on Facebook & Instagram. After several months we have been able to lower the cost per lead by £13 compared to the previous agency, mainly down to continuous campaign management, and testing. Additionally, we were able to get the cost per lead 25% lower than the original cost per lead target which the client had set us.

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